Sunday, September 22, 2013

Journey in Queensland VI : Final

Salam. Hi~
Alhamdulillah I've settled down in Malaysia, settled down in my uni and classes have started.
Let's continue my last episode of going to Queensland. It's not good having things hanging, right? So I better finish it.

For my last weekend there, kak Aliya offered me to choose, whether to go to Sea World or Movie World. I chose Movie World, and I have no regret deciding that.

31/8/2013: Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast

Since it was during Merdeka day, I called it my Merdeka trip. Hue hue hue. I went to Gold Coast by train (Kak Aliya dropped me off at Park Road Station). After arriving at Helensvale station (it was about an hour of ride), I took the bus to Movie World. Again, I was very satisfied with the public transportation.

Wuwu~ I was there!

The Main Street
Since it was my first time there, I was a bit lost but luckily I have the map. So, when I stepped my feet into that place, I first explore the places for the rides by referring to the map. I planned to catch the Hollywood Stunt Driver show, but I had plenty of time before the show starts, thus I strolled around Movie World. I was there quite early, which explains the emptiness of the Main Street above. It got crowded quickly as noon approached.

Superman Escape
My first ride while waiting for the Hollywood Stunt Driver show was Superman Escape. The ride was super fast and I liked it. It wasn't that scary because it didn't go upside down, it just went very fast. I enjoyed it.

After that, I went to watch Hollywood Stunt Driver. The show was amazing. It was my first time watching stunt show live, so I was quite excited. Totally worth it.

The Green Lantern
 My next ride was Green Lantern. This one is more thrilling than Superman Escape, but I enjoyed it too.

Then, I went to ride Justice League 3D ride with other three Australian children. haha. Throughout the ride, we have to shoot something (don't know what's it called) with a laser gun and our scores will be shown on our seat. I guess I didn't really enjoyed it because my gun wasn't working properly T_T. Plus, I guess I'll enjoy the ride more if I ride it with my family or friends.

After that, I went to watch the Batman Show.

I also had Ben & Jerry's ice cream because I had never tasted them. It was so good!

I forgot to took a picture before I eat it, so I just took a picture after it had been touched.

Oh, when I was in there, I met several Malaysians. A group of Malaysian students from Melbourne and a group of Malaysian family. The Malaysian family is Ziela Jalil's family. She brought along her mother and children. She is quite friendly and called herself aunty to me. Her daughter, Julia, too is a nice person. It was good meeting them.

Scooby Doo's Spooky Coaster
At first, I was hesitating to ride this spooky coaster because I really dislike horror thing. However, after being asked by the Malaysians to ride it together, I agreed. I thought it will be more fun to ride is with fellow Malaysians, and I was right. The ride was fun. Fortunately it wasn't as scary as I thought and I enjoyed it too.

After the ride, I watched the Scooby Doo show. but I didn't really concentrate on that show because, hm I wasn't that interested. huhuh.

Arkham Asylum
The last ride I rode for that day was the Arkham Asylum ride. I reaaaally didn't expect the roller coaster to be hanging like that, but since I had already queued up up to the point where I was very close to the gate of the ride, I decided to just try riding it. I felt that this ride was the longest because it was very thrilling and turned upside down a lot. Fortunately I didn't feel dizzy after riding it.

I went to take some more photos, bid goodbye to fellow Malaysians, went shopping for a bit and performed solat at the musolla. Afterwards, I took the train to go back to Brisbane.

Inside the train

It was a fun day alhamdulillah. and I still like the public transportation *very satisfied*.

1/9/2013-5/9/2013: Last Days

My last weekdays there was just like the other weekdays, I still babysit them, etc, but during this last week, I took more pictures videos of Layth and Thauban. I knew I would miss them. These photos were when we were playing at the backyard.

Thauban with the broom (He likes to sweep the floor, like the grown ups do)
Layth with his favourite scooter.

Layth posed for the camera with his paper plane.

Thauban watching his brother, Layth.
Alhamdulillah I took videos of them, so I can watch them whenever I feel like watching. hohoho~

6/9/2013: Back to Malaysia
The day had arrived. The night before my departure, I weighed my luggage and as expected, it exceed the weight that had been pre-booked. kah kah. So, did web check-in and change the luggage weight with the help of kak Aliya. hehe.

That morning, kak Aliya sent me at the Gold Coast Airport. Since she was aware that I'm prone to motion sickness, she gave me pills for nausea. weee, alhamdulillah. Thanks kak Aliya.

I didn't feel air sick at all in the plane. I had my meal happily, watch movie happily and read book happily! I could even finish the reading of Surah Al-Kahfi in the plane (since it was Friday), alhamdulillah :D
I enjoyed the flight.

Mama, Abah, Mak Seha, Piah and Hanaa picked me up at LCCT.

Malaysia, I am home :)

Thanks Allah for giving me this experience.
Thanks Abah & Mama for letting me go to Queensland for 2 months.
Thanks Kak Aliya & family for accepting me as babysitter, and for everything.
Kak Aliya treated me a lot, and very well too. I liked to ask her a lot of questions and she answered each of them nicely. rasa macam budak-budak pulak. haha. aku memang budak pun kan? :P
Thanks Layth and Thauban. Sorry if I had ever been garang to both of you.
Thanks kak Iman Kasim for going out with me.
Being with Muslims who understands the concept of 'sisterhood' is great.
Thanks for family and friends who kept in touch with me and keep praying for me. hehe.
Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal.