Friday, April 27, 2018

My Wedding

Date: 22 July 2017
Day: Saturday
Solemnization: 9.00 a.m
Bride and groom entrance: 12.30 p.m
Venue: Dewan Serbaguna SMK Bandar Baru Uda

Salamz. Let's continue the story.

That morning, I woke up feeling fresh and.... not nervous. Really. I even did the makeup for my nieces before doing my own makeup. While I was doing one of my niece's makeup, suddenly Piah said that we need to get to the hall a.s.a.p because the imam/tok kadi was in a hurry. It was almost 8 a.m and I was not ready yet! My makeup was almost done, so I finished it quickly, put on my tudung quickly and luckily, my friends (bridesmaid) arrived early too. So they helped me doing the rest of the touch up. Then, off we went to the hall.

Getting readyyy
The fruits from the fruit basket fell XD
The bride and bridesmaids.

We reached the hall at around 8.30 a.m. And alhamdulillah, right at 9.00 a.m, the groom and the family arrived. That was the time I started to feel nervous. I'm really getting married! to Sofwan! He took his seat in front of the imam. After the brief khutbah by imam, abah took charge for the solemnization. Abah said the lafaz, Sofwan answered, and after being verified by the witnesses, we're officially married :) Alhamdulillah.

During the solemnization. Abah looked sooo serious XD
The ring ceremony. Look at my awkward hand pose. Should've posed better.
Us with our parents. Wearing yellow were Sofwan's, pink were mine.

After the solemnization, we took family photo, and other photos, then greeted our relatives and friends who were already there. So happy that many came early to witness the solemnization. After that, Solehah the floor manager being an efficient one, told us to go back home quickly for the next session: the wedding parade (?). So we went back home to get ready, together with the best man (Arief), maid of honour (Hamizah) and photographer (Khai). Aaand went back to the hall for the grand entrance XD

Busy adjust apa tu..?
Pengantin with the pengapits

The grand entrance

Makan beradab. Ahmad was reciting the doa (the blurry figure at the back)


 Then, the cake slicing ceremony

Welp! SOS. Need help from the baker to slice it XD
Suap-suap 2.0

After all those were done, we proceeded to entertaining the guests. Alhamdulillah I was sooo happy that many can come. My relatives, naqibah, former naqibah, usrahmates, usrahmates, school friends, asasi friends, UTM friends, ikhwah akhawat, my students, seniors, juniors, and even Sofwan's friends, colleagues and boss came.

I really appreciate them for coming. Be it near or from afar, they still spent their time to fulfill the invitiation. Now I know the feeling of pengantin who are happy to see their guests, especially close friends and relatives. haha. So gotta take wedding invitations seriously!

Then, we took more and more photos together.

Pengantin with groom's men and bridesmaids :)
With the bridesmaids a.k.a Beliebers. Masa ni Liyana dah balik. Wuu.
Nadiyah couldn't come but she was also wearing this dress at her event XD

with batchmates
More batchmates
With UTM Teslians Girlzz +1
With my naqibah. Her son was hiding at the back XD. Mubasyirr, mubassyirr..
My adik usrah <3
My students! Omg. Jauh derang datang.
Another group of students from another class. Sis so touched. sobs.
Sofwan's robotic students from STF with the teachers.
Roomies from Asasi; Emme & Qama <3

Actually there were many more pictures but I think that's enough for now. Haha. Nevertheless, I am very thankful that the wedding went smoothly. Very thankful towards my parents, siblings, uncles, aunties and cousins for helping a lot. Oh, my parents and siblings did not only used their energy, but they also contributed financially (monyet tutup muka). Alhamdulillah, thank you to them.

Alhamdulillah, I'm now married to Sofwan, my close friend from school. We're now husband and wife :)

Towards more happiness, adventure and milestones with you
and although I'm married, I'll always be their little girl. Thank you for everything, abamama <3

Alright. That's all for my sharing. May Allah bless this family, and us all.


Wedding credits: - 
Photographer: @khairullahz (ig)
Bridal (Pelamin, hall setup & baju): @izanyacobbridal (ig)
Catering: alamak lupa. sebab mama yang handle XD
Telur Pindang: Telur Pindang Johor (fb)
Alas Meja & Kerusi: Masjid Jamek BBU
Doorgift: Beli dekat Cowboy Kulai, Nenek sponsor kerepek.
Bridesmaids: Beliebers
Sponsors: My cool siblings, parents, husband and myself

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My Pre-Wedding


I have been wanting to share this! Although 9 months have passed already, but I still want to write here, for the sake of memory. I mean, it's a big milestone. And before another big milestone comes (being a mommy), I should write about this first.

The Preparation
I learned a lot from the preparation of my sister, Piah's wedding, so I kinda knew what to prepare. In February 2017, I started designing the wedding invitation card and buying hantaran. I did those first because I thought I don't wanna be too busy later since the semester will start at February till early June. Looking back, I'm glad I made that decision because that semester was the worst semester I had been through. Was too complicated as I was studying, juggling with personal problem and also doing more preparation.

The wedding invitation card for my side

Alhamdulillah, by May 2017, everything had been decided. The venue, bridal, catering, photography, a part of doorgift had been settled. So the only things left to do after raya were buying doorgift, decoration for hantaran, dress fitting and distributing invitation card. I had started distributing the invitation card since Ramadhan because the wedding is on the final week of Syawal. Alhamdulillah, Allah had ease everything for us.

The Bachelorette Party
Several weeks before the wedding date, my girls (teslian) asked for a meet up. We met on the 14th of July and they brought ballooons! Wuuu, so touched. Thank you girlsss, for making your time (and money) for this.

Bajet malu

Le girlz; Teno, Epaa, Seha

And another one.
This time, Sufi Mikayla (Epaa's lil girl) was still in the tummy. 5 months ea.

 Although the meeting was quiet brief, I had a great time with them. Intan, who couldn't be there kirim salam lol. Then, after saying goodbye to them, I had to buy some food for home. Walked to KFC with those balloons. Very mencapub ya know. Haha. But nonetheless, the cashier girl congratulated me.

Another one was held by my group of best friends since secondary school (a.k.a the bridesmaids). It was on the day before my wedding day. They came to help out (or that's what I thought at first) and at first, since many had been settled, they hadn't got anything to do. Lul. But then, as evening came, suddenly there were things to do so they got to do something. 

Suddenly, Miza brought out a box of doughnuts, brownies and a flower bouquet!


Bajet malu 2.0

The girlz ; Nadiah, Athirah, Hamizah.
This time, Liyana had just gone back home and Mina couldn't come because of an urgent family matter.
 Alhamdulillah :) very thankful to them. Look at my tired face. Haha. Tried to have good sleep several days before the wedding but failed miserably. Couldn't get rid of the eyebag, but thank God for makeup!

The Last Minute Preparation
During the final week of my single life, alhamdulillah, my relatives came a lot to help. and as the date got closer, my siblings from afar came too.

Inai Session. I applied this twice: two days before and a day before.
Hasanah and Piah helped me applied it.

The doorgift factory XD

My nephews and nieces with bags of doorgift at the back.

A day before the wedding was Kauthar's birthday!

We also had barbeque! By the brothersss

One thing I like about our family wedding is the family gathering. Everyone is busy helping a lot as there were lots of things to do. Oh, I remembered that that morning, we had a family meeting to finalize the flow of the wedding. Everyone in my siblings had to be in charge of something. They're the committee members. Hehe. I was the director, and appointed my younger sister, Solehah as the floor manager because she's reliable (and also single).

Abah and Mama would be busy on the wedding day as they would be the key persons to entertain the guests (tuan rumah kan). So, my brothers (Suhaib & Ahmad) were in charge of food, my sister Munah on the venue, Hasanah on the cake (because she baked it!), Safiah and husband on the pelamin and the money from guests, Hayat and Nuha on doorgift and Hanaa on kids. Haha. My brother in law, Mahizal was the MC, Suhail was on the technical part and my brother Ahmad recited the doa and selawat with my brothers in law.

That night, my sisters and I slept in the pengantin room and only the next morning we changed the bedsheet. Haha. Massive thanks to Piah for changing and ironing it!

To be continued on next post ;)