Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Against your own self


Salam :)

it's already a new Hijriah year. May this year be better than the previous years, insya-Allah.

A few months ago, I watched a Korean drama entitled 'Gu Family Book'. The main character in the drama is  Kangchi, a guy with a mixed blood: half wolf and half human. Haha ok yes, the drama is a bit merepek, illogical, fantasy, etc but that's not the point. There's a lesson that I really like in this drama.

Because Kangchi is half-human he couldn't balance his wolf and human part (in the earlier episodes). Sometimes he would hurt people without realizing it because the wolf part had overtaken him. However, after he become human again, he would regret it and be very sad. That's why he insisted on being human. Finally, after being tested and with the support from the people around him, he could control his power. His wolf part won't take over him again. He'll only become wolf to get stronger in a fight. He could finally balance being human and wolf.

At that point, I realized something. The life of Kangchi is actually related to us, humans, except that we don't have the wolf part. To Kangchi, the wolf is the bad side of him and human is the good side of him.  Us normal human too have a good side and dark side. We have both sides, but we ourselves choose to be which one. Be good or be evil? hmm. hmm.

The choice is up to us. The battle to be good, is the battle against our own self. Good vs Bad. Which one is stronger in us? The stronger one is the one that will be visible to others.

How do you get your 'good' side stronger?
I think that depends on our iman, because a believer (who believe in Allah, His prophets, His promises, the afterlife) would try as much as he/she could to be good.

Hence, let us try to get our good side stronger. heheh. Mujahadah li nafs. Fight against your own self. Master yourself. がんばって ください!

That's all. Salam.