Friday, March 22, 2013

My Semester Break

Hi and assalamualaikum~

I've been planning to write about this weeks ago, since my semester break was 2 months ago.. but I only write it today. Although it's been 2 months (or almost), I'm still excited to share what I've gone through.

P/s: funny that after I wrote the previous post, I haven't updated this blog for a really long time. However, that was unintended, okay.

24-26/01/2013 : Holiday with Family, Port Dickson & KL
Stayed at PNB Resort for 3 days and 2 nights. Had BBQ, got to play in the swimming pool with fellow siblings and nieces and nephew and had our sweet moments together.

The living room. Wah.

Our dinner on the first night.
Yup, a lot of menus there. All of them were prepared by mama from JB.

Iman! A good girl who has never complained except when she was eating.
Suhaib's daughter

Ikram, sebutir beras ibarat setitik peluh petani tau!
Uswah's son.
Since we were at Port Dickson, going to the beach is a must. But I didn't come along. Uswah, Safiah and I didn't come along with them.

Adeena. Suhaib's 1st daughter.

Family Photo.
Everyone yang pergi.

Alhamdulillah, the holiday was very fun. It has really been a long time since we went to holiday together.


30/1/2013 : Visit Maimunah's house
Maimunah (my sister) and her family just moved in to Johor Bahru this year. They are now living in Kempas. Quite close to our house actually. Anyway, we visited her house because we missed Kauthar (Munah's daughter).

aaaa kawaii desu!

Another highlight of my semester break is,,
my friend's marriage! She's the 'Kak Long' of both our class (5 Iftikhar 2010) and batch (Generasi12).

9/2/2013 : Izatur Farhana's Wedding
The wedding we've been anticipating for. As what we've expected since form 4, she is the first to get married. Congratulations, Kak Long :)
A lot of Generasi12 came and I guess that's our biggest reunion so far. Even Syakirah from Kedah came, Zubaidah and Asma' Wan from Selangor came. Bee from Singapore came. Alhamdulillah :)

My parents and kak long's parents with the pengantin.

Generasi12. Some of us.
A few was eating, a few came later, a few already got back at this time.

some of Mawar G12 with the pengantin.

and just like that, my semester break ends.
Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal :)

Now it's already the 2nd semester of my 1st year. Life goes on.