Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barakallahulakuma :)

Bismillah. Salam.

Alhamdulillah, yesterday, my brother, Ahmad has gotten married with kak Wan Nabilah, and they are now, husband and wife. Wah wah wah. They have entered a new phase of life. May their marriage be under Allah's blessings always, insya-Allah :)

Congratulations bro and new sis :D

by the way, the walimah on the our family's side in Johor Bahru will be on this Saturday, 28th of January 2012. Everyone is invited! :)

Come if you're brave enough.
cewah. takdela. Just come, please :)
(who am I writing this to actually? hm. never mind. You read, you're invited. alright?)

That's all to post, for now.
May Allah bless us.

Salam :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Journey in Pre-TESL ; Part 5


Salam :)

Long time no update precisely about my Pre-TESL life. Let's continue to review the journey.

2nd Semester
7 weeks of the 2nd semester and a mid-sem break has passed. Tomorrow's going to be week 8. A week of hectic-ness was last week, where we had story-telling, demonstrative speech, writing presentation, presentation on education, etc. But a lot more things which will make us even busier are coming. Just have to be prepared.

For this Semester 2, again, I have 8 subjects, which are Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking, Grammar, Education, Language & Drama, Literature and Islamic Education. This semester's subjects are, as expected, tougher. Even so, we still have to go on and fight! yeah!

oh and, I got new responsibilities this semester. It'll be hard, but I know I can always trust my friends to help me, and most importantly, Allah is always with me :)

The MUET result is out. Alhamdulillah, my result was quite good. I got band 5 ;)
All thanks to mama and abah's prayer, and other family members' and friends' too. and teachers and lecturers. and helpful friends who study with me :)
and, it seems that our batch, Asasi TESL 11/12 has broken the record with more people who got band 4 and 5 compared to the previous batch. Alhamdulillah :D
So, this is the feeling of breaking the record. huhu.

However, some of my friends here didn't achieve their target. Maybe Allah has a better plan for them. Eh, not maybe. Surely. I hope they would stay strong and continue doing their best in this journey, insya-Allah.

"يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلوبنا على دينك وعلى طاعتك"
"Wahai Yang memegang hati-hati, thabatkanlah hati-hati kami di atas agama-Mu dan di dalam mentaati-Mu"

For whatever things happened here, I still hope that Allah won't let me go astray. That He'll always give me His guidance. and the same thing I hope for my beloved family and friends too. amin.

That's all for now.
Salam :)

P/S: Photos from ru0905's flickr.
P/P/S: I just realized that this is the 1st post for 2012. nevermind.