Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barakallahulakuma :)

Bismillah. Salam.

Alhamdulillah, yesterday, my brother, Ahmad has gotten married with kak Wan Nabilah, and they are now, husband and wife. Wah wah wah. They have entered a new phase of life. May their marriage be under Allah's blessings always, insya-Allah :)

Congratulations bro and new sis :D

by the way, the walimah on the our family's side in Johor Bahru will be on this Saturday, 28th of January 2012. Everyone is invited! :)

Come if you're brave enough.
cewah. takdela. Just come, please :)
(who am I writing this to actually? hm. never mind. You read, you're invited. alright?)

That's all to post, for now.
May Allah bless us.

Salam :)


  1. salam,
    adik wan nabilah
    may Allah bless their marriage with loves and happiness,iA. tahniah, dapat ahli keluarga baru yang solehah iA. =)

  2. mabruk~ :)

    u read, u're invited.. haha. majlis awk nnt, siap la! XD

  3. Syahira Ismail: wslm. amiin. terima kasih :D

    kak Sufiyyah: syukran :)) majlis kita? lambat lagi lah. haha. akak dulu kot.. ;)