Saturday, November 29, 2014

21 years, alhamdulillah

Just posting another note to remind myself that I'm already 21.

and so far,


I really appreciate the experiences I've gone through
and the presence of the people around me.

I can't say they're all perfect,
but I think,
what has happened, how people are with me and everything,

is just perfect for me.

or rather, I'd say they suit me better.

Because this life is a journey and the experiences are tarbiyyah,
in which the tarbiyyah I have is especially made for me,

so that I'd develop as an individual,
who'd fulfill the terms & conditions to enter His jannah.

one fine day,


have strength, have faith.
because Allah is always here.

like, forever.

Need. to. read. more.

The more you read, the more you learn.

The more you do, the more you understand that,

you have not learnt anything from the previous reading that you'll have to re-read.

I should read more to broaden my views and enhance my thinking skill. fuhh.

.....and I should stop procrastinating.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Random Scenario #1 : PhD Holder?

Situasi di dalam lif bersama seorang pakcik di sebuah bangunan di UTM

Pakcik: eh, you yang... masuk tv pagi tadi tu eh?

Me: eh taklah. (Bila masa lah pulak)

Pakcik: oh, ingatkan you. Muka macam iras2 yang phd tu. (Referring to Dr Hazzirah Izzati)

Me: ohh. Bukan, bukan. (Sambil gelak dalam hati dan teringat yg Dr tu masuk MHI pagi td dengan NC.. dan hey, muka kami lain sangat)

Haha pakcik. I would love to be like her, but am not there yet. One fine day, insyaAllah :)

You made my day, mister. Heee.

Suka hati aku je panggil dia pakcik. Skali dia prof ke, dr ke :3

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Journey in TESL VII: Random yet beautiful sceneries in UTM

I still love looking at the sky

I still remember back in Lendu, I used to look at the sky and say "Cantiknya! Rasa macam nak ambil gambar je!" but unfortunately, I didn't have a digital camera and during the first semester there, my phone's camera was VGA. wah wah.

But now, alhamdulillah my phone could capture beautiful pictures :)

This was taken when I was doing my (last-minute) work in the self-study room at the library. It was super hot that day and I chose to sit next to the window because that was the only place (with a functioning plug and LAN cable port) available.
Then the sky caught my eyes. I thought that it's beautiful, that the clouds were like radial.. Subhanallah.. There must be name for this pattern of the cloud.. I think there is..

I remember taking this photo but I didn't remember what was I doing, still not going back to my room at that time, at maghrib, or almost maghrib. hm.

This was taken during my dear roommate's birthday! While I was waiting for my friends to arrive at the pond to celebrate Epaa's birthday, I took several pictures of the pond and ducks. Tasik UTM is a beautiful place.
Oh, btw, I didn't notice my fingers were covering the lens because the my phone screen was too dark. It was very bright that evening, you see. but anywaaays, the picture still turns out well :) well at least for me. hoho.

This was the view from my room. 8th floor, Kolej Perdana. Taken after subuh. Subhanallah. Beautiful isn't it? I love the colours. They're like the colour of the tudung my roommate gave me for my birthday last year. or maybe the tudung seller coloured it sunrise-inspired. huehue.

This was a few minutes after the picture before was taken. We can see the movement of the cloud.

Look at the tiny bright dot. The sky was beautiful, wasn't it? Subhanallah.
I remember when this picture was taken, it had been weeks since it rained. It was super hot. Malaysia was super hot that time. The date of the picture was March 11, 2014. A few days later, it rained again. And thus, the 'Malaysia spring season' starts.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures during the 'spring season'.

Wait, I did, but I just took pictures of my home lawn.

Alright, let's move on.

The view from my room at night. That very bright spot was the stadium. I didn't know what was happening at the stadium, but the lights were turned on for a very long time. Maybe there was a game.
Macam exclusive sangat stadium tu ada spotlight ha. Bangunan lain gelap je with a little bright tiny dots.
Anyhow, it was beautiful :)

Indeed, a bright light in the darkness is beautiful.

That's all for the pictures part.

On the side note,
I'm already in the 5th semester.
3rd year.

Currently enjoying and hlovate-ing my life in here. haha. but I think the love part is more.
(note: hlovate = hate + love, there's love in the hate)

yup, Allah is planning something good for me. Hence the tests as tarbiyah.

believe in Him, your heart will be at ease :)

Aaanyway, I felt so lucky to get the chance to capture those beautiful sceneries. Thanks to Allah for moving my heart to look out of the window or be outside at those times to observe the beautiful sceneries.



Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I was planning to keep writing on the events of my life here.

but I ended up not writing.

guess I'll write randomly then.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ramadhan is around the corner


I have gone through Ramadhan for, um, a lot of times.

As I grow up and starts to think a lot, sometimes, during Ramadhan, I couldn't really feel the heat. Like, for example, sometimes I would become lazy to read more pages of Qur'an. astaghfirullah. or I would still be enjoying some lagha things *cough* especially during "some" season.

Credit: HDwpapers

When I look back into my previous Ramadhan, I think the most memorable Ramadhan I had was when I was in form 2 in 2007. Since then, my other Ramadhans couldn't beat that 2007 Ramadhan yet. That Ramadhan was memorable because I could finish the whole 30 juz of the Qur'an, I made reflections a lot and I could do qiamullail a lot. (eh yeke? bolela). Then, there was one night where I woke up and felt very calm, and I could do qiamullail very khusyu'-ly. That was one of the best qiamullail I had ever had.

Then, the next year came, and I kinda expected that I would have the same kind of feeling during the next Ramadhan.

one Ramadhan passed.

another Ramadhan passed.

and another. and another.

and I still missed the 2007 Ramadhan.
(omg that's 7 years ago omg I can't believe how old I am omg time flies so fast)

It made me ponder a lot.

What has made my Ramadhan less special?
Well, yeah, one of the factors could be because of the sins (astaghfirullah).
but there should be something more.

I don't know how, but suddenly this year, it hits me that:
I couldn't really feel the excitement of Ramadhan,
because I didn't make the preparation in the first place!

I had prepared the mind set that Ramadhan was coming, but I made no preparation.
I didn't do practice, like, fasting weekly (sunnah), reading more pages of the Quran, and try harder to do more qiamullail. My daily ibadah was still the same.

Right on 1 Ramadhan, only then I started to read more Quran (from 4 pages daily to 1 juz daily), fast 1 month (maybe) straight and do lots and lots of prayers (plus the tarawih)! That was a vigorous exercise without a warm up. No wonder I felt tired. I felt less joyous. astaghfirullah.
Then, during the last 10 days, I started to regret that my amal hadn't satisfy me. Then Ramadhan passed and I felt less happy.

This suddenly hits me early this month, when Rejab was coming.
Why hadn't I realize this earlier?! *dush*
Now, Rejab is leaving, and Syaaban is coming. Next, it would be Ramadhan!

Hence, I reaaaaaaally hope that I would have the chance to experience Ramadhan again.
To make the best out of this Ramadhan.

and I'm trying to make the best preparation, by:
- reading the Quran more (at least half of juz daily, well, closer to 1 juz daily)
- fasting weekly
- do more qiamullail!
- and familiarize myself with more sunnahs
so that during Ramadhan, I can practice all those more khusyu'-ly.

of course, I need to have lots and lots of input so that my heart will always be pure. A pure heart is the key to have a good connection with Allah. hehe. insya-Allah.

Why should we make the best out of Ramadhan?
because it's the month Allah has prepared for us to build ourselves and to strengthen ourselves.
a month of tarbiyyah.
to prepare us to face the tests in the following 11 months successfully,
before meeting Ramadhan again.
that is, if Allah still gives us the chance.

So yeah,
let's prepare ourselves for Ramadhan!

You'll never feel the excitement, if you didn't do the preparation.

*and suddenly it hits me that the same logic applies to death. You'll never be excited to die to meet Allah, if you haven't done enough preparation. gulp.
*the same logic applies to exam. You'll never be excited to sit for an exam if you know you haven't studied. You'll feel brighter if you know you've studied!
*the same logic applies to presentation. You'll never be excited to do presentation if you haven't prepared a thing.
*k i should stop.

Allahumma ballighna Ramadhan..
Ya muqallibal quluub, thabbit quluubana 'ala deenika wa 'ala tho'atika.


P/S: is khusyu'-ly even a term? I'm sorry if I've ever destroyed the arabic word by merging English grammar into it, dear linguists.
P/P/S: Final exam is next week! Dear readers (if any), please pray for me.

Saturday, March 22, 2014




Perkataan tu banyak kali aku dengar dan terbaca dalam minggu ni.
Dalam usrah, discuss pasal hadis ke 21 (dari Hadis 40 Imam Nawawi), tajuknya Istiqamah.
Bagaimana nak istiqamah?

Bincang lagi tentang pengalaman belajar, beraktiviti.
Macam mana boleh kekal semangat?

Hari tu keluar minum dengan geng-geng Kelab Iqra' (Kak Adawiyah, Atikah, Wana & Iman) kat N24. Dengarlah cerita kak Wiyah tentang semangat ikhwah akhawat Indonesia dalam tarbiyah dan dakwah. Bergerak semaksima mungkin selagi mampu. Tarbiyah mantap, dakwah jalan, akademik hebat. Kerdil rasa.
Tidak penat kah mereka? <--- FYI, mereka sangat tak suka dengar soalan ni. Kenapa?

Keikhlasan itu kunci untuk istiqamah.
Keikhlasan itu juga akan melahirkan kekuatan untuk terus bergerak.
dan insya-Allah dengan keikhlasan itu, segala amalan akan diterima oleh Allah di akhirat kelak.

Makes me think.
Selama ni aku ikhlas ke?
Pernah ke aku betul-betul ikhlas?
Semoga keikhlasan itu ada lah...

Semoga keikhlasan itu sentiasa bersama kita :)

because Jannah is ahead.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Journey in TESL VI : 3rd Sem


just done with finals. yeah! alhamdulillah.

my 3rd semester in UTM.
Long story short, I survived this semester. haha.

alhamdulillah, wastaghfirullah.
may next semester be better and keep getting better.

Wassalam, semester 3!

May Allah guide us.
May Allah bless us :)

P/S: post pendek sebab belum rajin nak tulis panjang2 pasal sem ni. huhuh. semoga lebih rajin.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The way he did it


Although it's the exam week, since I have 4 days of gap before my next paper, I'm staying home. But the next paper is on the day after tomorrow. hoho.

Yesterday, I watched the TV while eating. 'Fattabiouni' was airing. It's a very short clip showing Rasulullah (pbuh)'s sunnah. Fattabiouni is usually played during the gap between two shows. So, yesterday's episode was about the way Rasulullah (pbuh) puts on his ring.

Sekadar hiasan

There's this one part that caught my eyes.

One day, Rasulullah (pbuh) was sitting with his friends, the sahabah. While they were having conversation, the prophet was moving his ring and staring at it. Suddenly, the prophet removed the ring from his finger and kept it. The sahabah were curious, why would the prophet do that? Then, they learned that Rasulullah (pbuh) did that because he did not want to be rude to the people in front of him. (1) because he possessed a ring. (2) because he might give more attention to the ring more than his friends.

Subhanallah, how courteous was our prophet (pbuh).

Let's take that scenario into today's. Replace the ring with mobile phone.
Nowadays, most of us have mobile phones. What do we do while we're with other people? Talk to them? Concentrate on the phone?
While facing others, we shouldn't ignore them. Even Rasulullah (pbuh) kept the things that could distract him while talking to others.

Let's do the same. Rasulullah (pbuh) once said, "fattabiouni". So let's follow him :)