Friday, January 25, 2019

25 going on 26

Akram and I at the beginning of 2019

One of the dilemmas of the end-of-year borns is stating their current age. Should I put my age according to the current year or according to my birthdate? Haha. Hence, the title. That's my age for 2019.

Before I got married, I usually join the around-the-same-age group. However, things changed last year. I started participated in conference, so I met people of various age, mostly older than I am. I also joined fb groups for mothers and being married early, naturally, I met many new older people. I also started to be interested in listening to stories of people with more life experience. It's just... interesting. 

Early this year & month, there's this 10-year challenge and it made me go back to my 2009 memories. I was 16. So young and naive, enjoying my life with friends while trying hard to hide my feeling from my crush, tried many new things, doing my best in all activities I participated. I could say form 4 was my gloriest year during my secondary life.

How about in 2019?

Well, it has just begun, and I think I'm getting positive feelings this year. I know I will be tested more, but I have a feeling I can handle it much better than before. 

I must say that this positive vibe is gained through my encounters with positive older and wiser people, and my husband (boy, my husband has matured a lot since 10 years ago!). Their determination had given me strength to not give up easily and always do my best in any given situation. 

The 10-year challenge reminded me of the cheerful, adventurous, enthusiastic and active girl I was. And I'm aiming to be that kind of woman this year onwards. Rise after fall.  Keep rising. Keep going. Keep moving.

Things will be alright.
Because Allah is always with me :)
What matters is that I do my part well to achieve my dreams.

Anywaysss, my life progress:
  • still pursuing master's. Still praying for the best result. It was quite a challenge to study with a baby, but I'm very grateful I can finish my project report & pass statistics subject! Both were truly challenging.
  •  still loving every day being with my baby, Akram. He can now stands up while holding on to things or people. He's also making more sounds. Current favourite book: Freddie the Fire Engine. 
  • still learning and improving to be a better wife. Still getting to know my husband. Still in love. 
  • oh yes, since I kinda have a free time right now, I'm starting to tidying up our room. Adopting konmari method anywhere it fits. 
  •  still doing proofreading and taking a bit translating (malay to english). Gotta finish them early.
  • still learning and improving to be a better daughter for my parents...
  •  has started to apply for jobs. Hoping for the best! 

Ok. Daz all. InsyaAllah I'll make 2019 a meaningful year for myself. This year, I will be more respobsible towards myself, so I can take care of others well too.

Alhamdulillah for everything that has happened in the past. 
Alhamdulillah for all the blessings.
May Allah guide us to the right path, always.