Monday, December 31, 2012

Journey in TESL III : Semester 1 is ending


Salam and hi :)

Alhamdulillah, all classes for semester 1 has ended, all presentations are done, drama has been performed, all assignment has been submitted, and now we're 'enjoying' our study week. Exam is going to start soon.

The final exam schedule.
oh, final exam for Semester 1 ye.

My netbook crashed last week. Thank God it crashed last week (in the study week period) not during the critical time of finishing all assignments at the eleventh hour. *BIG sigh of relief.

and, alhamdulillah, Abah has helped fixing my netbook. Other hard disks aren't affected but the main local disk was affected. so, all files kept there are gone. and I'm glad I kept my notes and academic files on the other hard disk. *another BIG sigh of relief.

most lagha things in this netbook were cleared up during the fixing process. hoho. that's a good thing of having your netbook crashed. made you ponder of the 'content', especially when you're going to re-download things you've lost (esp. songs and videos)

the operation of saving my netbook.
"my preciousss."

it's almost new year. (esok kottt)
maybe Allah wants me to start anew with new content of this netbook. wuwu~

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal. Astaghfirullah 'ala kulli zanbin.

Aaaaanyway, since it's the examination season now, let's all do our best and pray for each other.
for Muslims, we might as well follow the following tips ;)
sitting for exam the muslim way! Malay version.

Last but not least, all the best to everyone! in everything!
and, happy new year! :))

brace yourselves, new challenges and adventures are ahead.

that's all. じゃね!

dah dah gi study sana.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

In the midst of hardship

^ exaggerating title.

credits: Tumblr
Things will get better, when all work is done.
It will all get better in time,
as long as we do our best.


credits: Tumblr

enjoy all the assignments while we can!


Rabbuna yusahhil.

P/S: Random post. Next week is the final week before the study week. Waaa~
P/S/S: Seriously, title tu exaggerate banget. esaimen je pun. huahua. ok. Title tu sebenarnya tajuk sajak dalam silibus literature form 4-5 yg baru.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Journey in TESL II : Japanese Visits & Debate

Assalamualaikum wbt and hi :)

Alhamdulillah, last week, two Japanese High Schools has visited UTM and last weekend, there was NIEW Great Gender Debate. I wasn't the participant of the debate, just one of the committee members. Everything went good kot. Although things were a bit hectic but I gained a lot of experiences.

3/12/2012 : Taisei High School visits UTM
My friends and I volunteered to be the facilitators for this programme. The programme didn't take a long time, just from about 8.30am to 12.00pm. 4 classes from the high school participated in this visit. Oh, by the way, they are from Osaka, so they talk Japanese very fast with the dialect. Each facilitator will have three students to 'guide'. They were talkative. Thus, imagine how we communicate. Yes, we communicate with a lil bit of English (very little English), a bit broken Japanese and a lot of body languages. wuwu. We played batu seremban and the Japanese students enjoyed trying our traditional clothes.

The three students on chairs are the students I 'guide'. Yuuya, Hentaro and Shoichiro. 17 years old.
Behind them was their friend whom I don't know his name.
In front of them was either their senior or classmate. But I think it's their senior.
Behind me was Sarah, my classmate.

and, this is what they gave me. The golden coin was from Hentaro and the silver coin was from Shoichiro
The thing that was written on the fan is "Oi oi, warau nayo" or in malay, "Oi oi, senyum ler"
The thing with the red ball is named Kentama. A Japanese traditional game.
I gave them, badges of Upin & Ipin and a malay girl.

5/12/2012: Meisei High School visits UTM
A day before the visit, I practised and study Japanese a lot so that it'll be easier to communicate with the students. (the experience before had taught me a lesson. huhu). Oh, for this visit, we didn't volunteer but my Japanese Language sensei assigned my whole class to 'handle' this visit. We have to perform and have an interaction session with the students. Marks will be given. For this visit, only one class came, so we just have one student each. Thus, it's easier to communicate (thank God I studied Japanese the day before). They are from Miyagi.

Upper right: Kaito, Masaki, Kouhei
Alhamdulillah the interaction session went smoothly. My 'friend' is Kaito, 16 years old. Masaki is Teno's friend and Kouhei is Intan's friend. They're both 17 years old. They are all classmates, and they're taking Computer Science.
What really surprised me was, they reaaaaaallly love cats! There are a lot of cats in UTM, yes. Whenever they see cats, they'll be like, "waa, neko-chan!" with excited expression. Kaito was especially excited. Then I remembered that Sensei once said, Japanese people really love cats. It's proven. Oh, and they are also amazed to see the big UTM Mosque.
I gave Kaito a UTM notebook and a postcard. When I gave him that, he opened his bag and stared what's inside, thinking of what should be given to me. koh koh. bagus betul la. orang tak mintak pun. he gave me this:

The raisin biscuits and a chocolate cookie were what he took out from his bag. Insya-Allah halal.
The orange thingy is a light stick. Of course, the light has gone out.
The thing that was hung on the plastic bamboo tree is a symbolic of the Star Festival.
Kaito also gave me the extra origami paper and the calligraphy pen. Those were prepared by the school.

After having lunch together and walked around the centre of UTM for a while, we bid our goodbyes.

All of us, in front of DSI.
Meisei High School Students, TESL students, a few post-graduate students and 'sensei's.
I had a great day with them.
What I like about them is that they are very polite and respectful towards others (despite of their 'boyish' behaviour). Gotta educate the future generations like that.

6-9/12/2012 : NIEW Great Gender Debate 2012
The event was held in UTM this year. I joined the committee for 'Sekreteriat & Pertandingan' part. My job was simple: be the time keeper and watch the debate. It was British Parliamentary style, so the debate was longer than usual. Sometimes I got sleepy so I brought along my laptop and earphone. uhuk. During the whole event, I stayed in Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail (KTDI) in the Palapes' block, MA6. The block has no lift so imagine walking up to the 5th floor every day. but, walking is good.

Upper left: The debate room which me and my other committe friend has to take care of
Upper right: Jehan and I :)
Lower  left: DSI, preparing for English final round. Lower right: Extra goodie bags!
Sorry I didn't take any pictures of any university's team. Plus, if I were to take photos during the debate session, the phone's camera sound will be too loud. I will just embarrassed myself by doing that.
During the debate, I met a lot of new friends, especially among the committee members. Also got to know a few people from UTeM, USM and UMS. Alhamdulillah for everything.
Oh, I missed 6 classes including co-q T_T *srott srott.

By the way, the results for the debate are:
BM: (1) UMP. (2) UIA. (3) UKM b. (4) UKM a.
BI: (1) UiTM a. (2) UIA a. (3) UM a. (4) UiTM b.

Congratulations to all the winning teams!

Next Things:
- Presentations
- Drama
- Public Speaking
- Assignments
- Tests
- Study week
- Final Exam! (start: 3 January)

Let's do the best. Only another week before the study week comes. Time flew so faaast.
Rabbuna yusahhil.

That's all.
Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal.
Wassalam :)