Monday, January 13, 2014

Journey in TESL VI : 3rd Sem


just done with finals. yeah! alhamdulillah.

my 3rd semester in UTM.
Long story short, I survived this semester. haha.

alhamdulillah, wastaghfirullah.
may next semester be better and keep getting better.

Wassalam, semester 3!

May Allah guide us.
May Allah bless us :)

P/S: post pendek sebab belum rajin nak tulis panjang2 pasal sem ni. huhuh. semoga lebih rajin.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The way he did it


Although it's the exam week, since I have 4 days of gap before my next paper, I'm staying home. But the next paper is on the day after tomorrow. hoho.

Yesterday, I watched the TV while eating. 'Fattabiouni' was airing. It's a very short clip showing Rasulullah (pbuh)'s sunnah. Fattabiouni is usually played during the gap between two shows. So, yesterday's episode was about the way Rasulullah (pbuh) puts on his ring.

Sekadar hiasan

There's this one part that caught my eyes.

One day, Rasulullah (pbuh) was sitting with his friends, the sahabah. While they were having conversation, the prophet was moving his ring and staring at it. Suddenly, the prophet removed the ring from his finger and kept it. The sahabah were curious, why would the prophet do that? Then, they learned that Rasulullah (pbuh) did that because he did not want to be rude to the people in front of him. (1) because he possessed a ring. (2) because he might give more attention to the ring more than his friends.

Subhanallah, how courteous was our prophet (pbuh).

Let's take that scenario into today's. Replace the ring with mobile phone.
Nowadays, most of us have mobile phones. What do we do while we're with other people? Talk to them? Concentrate on the phone?
While facing others, we shouldn't ignore them. Even Rasulullah (pbuh) kept the things that could distract him while talking to others.

Let's do the same. Rasulullah (pbuh) once said, "fattabiouni". So let's follow him :)