Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hidup yang penuh dengan pilihan

Salam :)

terbaca ini di status sahabatku, Sakinah SK di facebook;

Tak semua yg kita suka, akan jadi milik kita.
Sebab mungkin ia bukan yang terbaik untuk kita.
Tak semua yg kita tak suka, buruk untuk kita.
Maka, istikharah perlu ada.
Mohon petunjuk dan cahaya.
Ditunjukkan yg terbaik untuk kita.
Pilihan Tuhan sentiasa tepat untuk kita.
Supaya tak kecewa di hujung usia.

and yes, I couldn't agree more.

 bila kita dah tawakkal sebenar-sebenarnya, kita akan redha dengan apa sahaja yang Allah akan berikan. kurang rasa kecewa. kerana kita tahu, Allah punya perancangan yang terbaik buat hamba-Nya.

ciri-ciri redha:
tak merungut, tak mengeluh, hati tetap tenang.
akhirnya, rasa bahagia :)

P/S: Ramadhan tinggal 2 hari je. Esok last Ramadhan. Malam ni last terawih. Allah masih bagi peluang untuk kita nikmati Ramadhan. Meh rebut pahala, selagi sempat. Don't miss this precious chance ;D


Saturday, August 27, 2011


We are 1B
Our class rep give our class a new name and that is
1 Bougainvillea
and the name stays.

Pre-TESL is a fun journey.
TESL students are called TESLians.
and one thing you should know,
TESLians are weird,
yet fun.
yet weird
and unpredictable
yet still fun.
yet weird
and that's why they're unique
yet weird
yet still fun.

In a nut shell,
I love TESL.

oh, what am I crapping about?

sebenarnya post ni sebab nak letak gambar kelas yang latest je.
incomplete though. tapi nak letak juga.

Journey in Pre-TESL ; part 3


Salam :)

Residential College:

As what I have wrote in the previous 'Journey in Pre-TESL' post, we have moved into the new college :) Alhamdulillah.
All went well during the process of moving stuffs and things during a hot sunny day in Ramadhan. Thanks to Allah for lending me some great strength during the process, alhamdulillah.
and also, credits to my cousin, kak Raihani for helping me moving my things and bringing me to Masjid Tanah and Alor Gajah on that very same day :)

This was the view we usually get when going back from class to our residential college, after walking pass the Tun Fatimah Lake.
Tun Fatimah College. Farewell, dear.
But now, everything has changed. We cross the bridge through the Tun Fatimah Lake, walk at the side of Masjid Al-Hikmah, go straight further, walk pass the CTU and Lekir College on our left and water tank on our right, walk a few more steps, turn left and....... voila!

Tun Hasan College
The tree is still undergoing growing process. Good luck, tree.

A very apartment-like residential college. Alhamdulillah, I got a new room with a new roommate, Amirah. Two people share a room. It's comfy and cozy and, well, a lot better than before, I reckon.
Only that it's further to our class -__-" but insya-Allah we are going to survive the long journey until the end of this semester only, since on the next semester, we are going to get a new, nearer faculty :D

Ramadhan in Campus

It's,, great. There was a grand iftar held by UiTM last Saturday, a programme called 'Nur Ramadhan'. but, I didn't go to the programme because I went back home at JB. So, there's nothing to tell about this programme la kot.
Everyday, if no one wants to treat us :P , we will buy our own food for iftar at the bazaar. There were a lot of menus there and my favourite was Nasi Ayam Madu, RM3.50. *drools*
Better change the topic.
Our activity during the day, nothing's changed. All things went as usual.
The Self-Access Centre (SAC) at the ground level of the campus library is like our second 'home'. My classmates and I usually stay there to spend our time filling the long time gap between classes.

What are our activities there?
Read (nerd), do assignment (nerd), making notes (nerd), study (nerd. Nerd is great actually), read al-Quran (alhamdulillah), chat, go online, more chatting, taking nap, chat, discussing things, chat, play the 'Pergi ke bulan nak bawa apa' game.


Oh oh, and last wednesday, 1B went to De' Muara Ikan Bakar at Kuala Sungai Baru for our iftar. It was fun. However, there were some slackness that spoiled our sweet moment, but we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway. Alhamdulillah. baik-baik classmates aku ;)
I wanna put the pictures but tak mampu nak bukak the folder of the pictures because there's a lot of pictures of food.................. astaghfirullah. puasa, puasa.


Alhamdulillah, now I'm back in Johor Bahru for the Raya Holiday! :D
oh, Ramadhan is coming to it's end :((
Better spend these last precious days baik-baik.
can't wait to go to nenek's house ;D

and I miss my friends.


Friday, August 12, 2011

buka hati


"Maka tidak pernahkah mereka berjalan di bumi, sehingga hati (akal) mereka dapat memahami, atau telinga mereka dapat mendengar? Sebenarnya bukan mata itu yang buta, tetapi yang buta ialah hati yang di dalam dada."
[Al-Hajj, 22 : 46]

Petunjuk itu ada. Hidayah itu ada. Cuma tinggal kita yang kena cari dan memohon agar diberikan petunjuk dan hidayah dari-Nya.
Kadang-kadang benda tu dah ada di depan mata, tapi kita yang tak nampak, sebab hati sudah terhijab untuk melihat kebenaran. nauzubillah.

Marilah kita kerap-kerapkan berdoa agar Allah bukakan hati kita untuk menerima petunjuk dan hidayah-Nya.
Jom buka mata hati! Belajar memerhati dengan mata hati. Celikkan mata hati.
Kena selalu istighfar juga, agar dapat menghilangkan 'bintik-bintik hitam' di hati kita.

There's always a way to be good again.
We just have to find out how, and practice it.
Don't despair and never loose hope, cause Allah is always by your side.
Insya-Allah, you'll find your way :)


Journey in Pre-TESL ; part 2

Let's continue :)


Alhamdulilah, I have made many new friends here, and all of them are baik-baik belaka!

First of all, my roommates
Sorry for the replacement eyes and spect. your eyes are just too beautiful to be displayed ;)
From left; me, Qama, Emme and Fatin. All of them are very very very very nice :D
I thank Allah soooo much for granting them to me as roommates. It's very sweet when we do communal prayers together, read al-Mathurat together, sometimes do tadarus together, eat together, watch movies together and on top of all, love each other. eceh. They are all very helpful and kind and good and great!
The best thing about us is that all of us are from different classes. I'm in 1B, Qama in 1D, Emme in 1A and Fatin in 1C. It's actually fun to share each class' stories ;p

But but, we will move into the new residential college this weekend (Tomorrow!). Maybe we wont be roommates anymore :( but still, the roommates thingy haven't been confirmed yet. Tawakkal jelah.
Anyhow, I hope that Allah will unite our hearts till we reach His heaven, insya-Allah.
seriously, I love each and every one of them. Uhibbuhunna fillah.

Btw, yesterday was Qama's birthday ;) May Allah bless her. May Allah bless us.

Secondly, my special neighbour

again, the original eyes are too beautiful to be displayed
From left; me (again ;p) and Amirah
Amirah, my close friend here. People here can say that we are like 'isi dengan kuku' because we are together almost everywhere. All pair-work assignments are done with her. She is one of my classmates, and apparently the first close friend I got in class, and we're still close till today. Alhamdulillah.
Uhibbuha fillah.

Next, my classmates! :D
eh, no.
my AWESOME classmates ;)

1B of Foundation of TESL.

I think we are getting closer and closer in these 2 months. We know each others' abilities and weaknesses, learn to help each other, learn to understand each other and learn to accept each other as we are. Alhamdulillah. It's sweet.
All of my classmates are unique and weird. They have their own unique character. But we do share lots of same interest :) That's the fun part.
day by day, week by week, we are getting fonder of each other...
I don't know what else are 'readable' to write about them. hoho.
'ala kulli hal, alhamdulillah I get them as my classmates :D
I can't imagine how we will survive in the next sem. ok senyap. just leave 'that thing' to Allah.

I have met many other awesome friends here too.. it's just that I don't want to make this post longer. hoho. so, sorry other friends. although you're not in this blog, you always remains in my heart. aiceh.

In a nut shell, I love my friends here.
I'm thankful and grateful to have them as my friends :) Alhamdulillah....

done with part 2..

I'm Aliya Khairuddin, reporting from SAC, UiTM's Library :)
salam and peace!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Journey in Pre-TESL ; part 1


Time flew so fast that we could hardly realize that we are already two months here. So many things happened, so many lessons have been learnt, so many new things have been experienced.


We have 8 subjects for the 1st sem, which are; Grammar, College Reading, College Writing, College Oral Skills (Listening & Speaking), College Study Skills, Malaysian Studies, Islamic Education and Computer Literacy.. No Math, no Chemistry, no Physics, no Biology.. Though I'm a bit relieved with the subjects, I do miss the sciences subjects sometimes. But recalling the time how I survived with sciences during school, uhh, I think I've made the right decision by choosing this road....kot.
TESL are divided into 4 classes here. and I'm in 1B. The best class, i guess ;)
As usual, university students can't be apart with assignments and project. and we have already done our major project for the 1st sem, that is the 'We Like English' camp that we held at SK Pengkalan Balak. It was a very tiring experience yet fun! :D *malas nak cerita panjang2 pasal school project ni*

We have gone through a few tests and quizzes and my achievement so far,, is,,.... okay, I guess. Alhamdulillah.
But I somehow know if I increase a bit of my hardworking-ness, I could do better. ceh.
Final exams are a few weeks after the Hari Raya break! *___*

There's a lot improve. yeah.

Campus Life:

too much freedom that it's dangerous if you don't think betul2 before making decisions.
fun. cool.
so much free time that we feel like procrastinating especially with assignments.
i miss my family T__T school T__T miss my friends T__T
too much dugaan hati that we really HAVE to make sure that we are always close to Allah.
I'm homesick and schoolsick (if there's such a word).

There's still a lot to improve. yeah. be continued...

salam :)