Thursday, August 11, 2011

Journey in Pre-TESL ; part 1


Time flew so fast that we could hardly realize that we are already two months here. So many things happened, so many lessons have been learnt, so many new things have been experienced.


We have 8 subjects for the 1st sem, which are; Grammar, College Reading, College Writing, College Oral Skills (Listening & Speaking), College Study Skills, Malaysian Studies, Islamic Education and Computer Literacy.. No Math, no Chemistry, no Physics, no Biology.. Though I'm a bit relieved with the subjects, I do miss the sciences subjects sometimes. But recalling the time how I survived with sciences during school, uhh, I think I've made the right decision by choosing this road....kot.
TESL are divided into 4 classes here. and I'm in 1B. The best class, i guess ;)
As usual, university students can't be apart with assignments and project. and we have already done our major project for the 1st sem, that is the 'We Like English' camp that we held at SK Pengkalan Balak. It was a very tiring experience yet fun! :D *malas nak cerita panjang2 pasal school project ni*

We have gone through a few tests and quizzes and my achievement so far,, is,,.... okay, I guess. Alhamdulillah.
But I somehow know if I increase a bit of my hardworking-ness, I could do better. ceh.
Final exams are a few weeks after the Hari Raya break! *___*

There's a lot improve. yeah.

Campus Life:

too much freedom that it's dangerous if you don't think betul2 before making decisions.
fun. cool.
so much free time that we feel like procrastinating especially with assignments.
i miss my family T__T school T__T miss my friends T__T
too much dugaan hati that we really HAVE to make sure that we are always close to Allah.
I'm homesick and schoolsick (if there's such a word).

There's still a lot to improve. yeah. be continued...

salam :)

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