Saturday, August 27, 2011


We are 1B
Our class rep give our class a new name and that is
1 Bougainvillea
and the name stays.

Pre-TESL is a fun journey.
TESL students are called TESLians.
and one thing you should know,
TESLians are weird,
yet fun.
yet weird
and unpredictable
yet still fun.
yet weird
and that's why they're unique
yet weird
yet still fun.

In a nut shell,
I love TESL.

oh, what am I crapping about?

sebenarnya post ni sebab nak letak gambar kelas yang latest je.
incomplete though. tapi nak letak juga.


  1. aha~
    aya, i found ya! :)
    all the best!
    how's literature? he. he.

  2. kak sufiyyah: heee~ thanks.
    literature, belum belajar lagi. sem depan baru belajar. *berdebar-debar*