Saturday, August 27, 2011

Journey in Pre-TESL ; part 3


Salam :)

Residential College:

As what I have wrote in the previous 'Journey in Pre-TESL' post, we have moved into the new college :) Alhamdulillah.
All went well during the process of moving stuffs and things during a hot sunny day in Ramadhan. Thanks to Allah for lending me some great strength during the process, alhamdulillah.
and also, credits to my cousin, kak Raihani for helping me moving my things and bringing me to Masjid Tanah and Alor Gajah on that very same day :)

This was the view we usually get when going back from class to our residential college, after walking pass the Tun Fatimah Lake.
Tun Fatimah College. Farewell, dear.
But now, everything has changed. We cross the bridge through the Tun Fatimah Lake, walk at the side of Masjid Al-Hikmah, go straight further, walk pass the CTU and Lekir College on our left and water tank on our right, walk a few more steps, turn left and....... voila!

Tun Hasan College
The tree is still undergoing growing process. Good luck, tree.

A very apartment-like residential college. Alhamdulillah, I got a new room with a new roommate, Amirah. Two people share a room. It's comfy and cozy and, well, a lot better than before, I reckon.
Only that it's further to our class -__-" but insya-Allah we are going to survive the long journey until the end of this semester only, since on the next semester, we are going to get a new, nearer faculty :D

Ramadhan in Campus

It's,, great. There was a grand iftar held by UiTM last Saturday, a programme called 'Nur Ramadhan'. but, I didn't go to the programme because I went back home at JB. So, there's nothing to tell about this programme la kot.
Everyday, if no one wants to treat us :P , we will buy our own food for iftar at the bazaar. There were a lot of menus there and my favourite was Nasi Ayam Madu, RM3.50. *drools*
Better change the topic.
Our activity during the day, nothing's changed. All things went as usual.
The Self-Access Centre (SAC) at the ground level of the campus library is like our second 'home'. My classmates and I usually stay there to spend our time filling the long time gap between classes.

What are our activities there?
Read (nerd), do assignment (nerd), making notes (nerd), study (nerd. Nerd is great actually), read al-Quran (alhamdulillah), chat, go online, more chatting, taking nap, chat, discussing things, chat, play the 'Pergi ke bulan nak bawa apa' game.


Oh oh, and last wednesday, 1B went to De' Muara Ikan Bakar at Kuala Sungai Baru for our iftar. It was fun. However, there were some slackness that spoiled our sweet moment, but we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway. Alhamdulillah. baik-baik classmates aku ;)
I wanna put the pictures but tak mampu nak bukak the folder of the pictures because there's a lot of pictures of food.................. astaghfirullah. puasa, puasa.


Alhamdulillah, now I'm back in Johor Bahru for the Raya Holiday! :D
oh, Ramadhan is coming to it's end :((
Better spend these last precious days baik-baik.
can't wait to go to nenek's house ;D

and I miss my friends.


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