Thursday, July 26, 2018

Time is long

Since I left school, I had always felt that time passed quickly. Suddenly, foundation year ended. Suddenly, degree ended. Then it felt much quicker once degree ended. Suddenly, many of my friends are married and expecting. Suddenly I'm married.

Then I got pregnant. Time began to pass much slower.
I was very conscious and concerned on every development I was going through.
"the baby is three months." "the baby is four months" "the baby is five months" etc
Time felt so long, maybe because I was longing to see the baby. Plus I focused much more on the present. I felt like I didn't want to lose any second.
Then it's time for delivery!
Akram was born. Then time passes much more slower.
There's new development in Akram every day/week. So it's exciting to see what he can do.
I'm still conscious and concerned on what's happening every day.
Still don't want to lose any moment of this.
Still enjoying the present.

Some friends & family members said "kejap je dah 9 bulan," "kejap je dah lahir"
But I didn't feel it was kejap. I waited long. I enjoyed and suffered (lol)  it long enough.

Akram's now 2 months, and still, some said "kejap je dah 2 bulan"
And I still don't feel it's kejap. It feels long.
And I truly enjoyed every moment of it.
(and also suffered long during pantang lol).

I don't know how can I feel this way. Maybe it's because I'm taking a break from study. I mostly stay home.. Doing the usual things (chores and nothing). I don't know..

But one thing for sure,
I feel happy.
Happy and contented.
I am happy I can enjoy every moment.
I am happy I can appreciate the present.
I am happy I'm starting to notice many blessings around me, and can get to see more bright sides of life.
I am happy I'm feeling more positive.

I am truly happy.

Alhamdulillah for this chance.
I hope even when I start studying again,
Even when I get more busy with life,
I can still focus more on the present, be appreciative and positive always.

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal.

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