Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You have the knowledge, now act!



It's 27th of December already. 2012 is just around the corner behind my house. It'll arrive here soon.
2011 has taught me a lot of things. but lately, I've been thinking about the knowledge I'm and have been practising. Or things that I have the knowledge, but I didn't practise... *pedih!

Back at school, I've learned a lot of things and knowledge. I've been shaped at school, and now that I have finished school, it is time to practise what I've learned, before the knowledge is being buried and forgotten.

"And say: My Lord, increase me in knowledge." (Taaha, 20: 114 )
credits to  ΜâĻĕķăŧ-Đцβǎϊ @ flickr

I remember once in TED class with Miss Ju, we were learning about education. How do learners learn. Some of the steps are by reading, repeating and memorizing. Miss Ju asked if anyone of us are from any religious school. I raised my hand, so she asked me some questions,
Miss: Aliya, back at school, you have to remember the quranic verse, the hadith, right?
Me: Yes. (suddenly remembered my hafazan. sigh. How it's getting,, not good)
Miss: How do you remember them?
Me: By reading, repeat them. Memorize. Listen to others.
Miss: So, you do all the steps given there right? (pointing to the whiteboard, where she wrote the notes on the steps to learn)
Me: Yes. sort of. 
and now, the pedih plus menusuk part. 
Miss: Now, do you still remember the things you've memorized?
Me: ........no... just, a little bit of them......
Miss: Why?
Me: because I don't repeat them anymore.... (whispered)
and this is why repetition is important, people!

and our lesson continues as usual..
But my thoughts went to some other places. I thought a lot about things I've gained, but I end up forgetting them. Astaghfirullah.

Sometimes, we have to revise on what we have learned, so that we remember them better. Learn, repeat, revise. and to make it easier for you to remember is, to practise what you've learned. You have the knowledge, now act!

Alhamdulillah I can still remember some verses and surah from the Quran as I understand some of them and some of the verses are often repeatedly appeared on the facebook wall, or tumblr, or twitter, or any articles. So I can still remember.

credits to  Philipp Klinger Photography @ Flickr

Then, just now, I suddenly thought of this quote;
العلم بلا عمل كالشجر بلا ثمر
Knowledge without practise is like a tree without fruits.

You have the knowledge, but you don't act. You don't practise. Then what's the use of the knowledge you've gained? You don't get the benefits. No fruits.

Now, this post is actually a reminder to myself. To practise what I know, before I lose them. and it's better to spread the knowledge. Discuss. Etc. Bla-bla-bla.

So, yeah, new year's goal (which is already set months ago): To practise what I learn, and share.


What if you act, but you don't have the knowledge?
Now that's another story. The answer is, that is why you have to always seek for knowledge! Make sure you always have someone to refer to, when you're confused on something.
kalau tak, sesat kang. hish. na'uzubillah.
Knowledge without practice is fruitless.
Practice without knowledge, you are lost.
Let us enlighten ourselves with the light of knowledge.

Alright. That's all. Salam.

P/S: 'xcuse me for the long post. This is what happen when you haven't written here for quite some time.


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