Sunday, October 7, 2012

Making decision

Ehem. Bismillah.

Life left us with so much decision to make.
From the simplest of choosing the meal to eat,
to the biggest decision: to marry or not, to live or to die, to hell or to heaven.

Sometimes, the decision we choose to take will be different from others.
That's when we will have to have a strong will to take the decision.

Because you know,
We don't always have the same preferences.
People are different.
And the difference is what makes you, you.

Be brave to be different.
Be brave to take 'the road less travelled by'.


photo source: here.  

Background story behind the idea to write this kind of thing;

I decided to join First Aid as my co-curriculum activity, although in my heart, I reaaally wanted to join Scouts (or others yang lasak-lasak skit).
The reason is just because most of my classmates chose to join it.
On the first day of the class, we got our first lesson. The introduction to First Aid.
The madam gave us the examples of the worst case scenarios in an accident.
What should we do if the victim is injured badly, etc..
Thankfully she didn't show us any pictures, but just listening to her description gives me goosebumps. 

I started to think how I regretted joining First Aid. I could hardly stand it.
And it's just the beginning..
And the thought of, "if only"s kept crossing over my mind.
And I kept telling myself that I should have a greater will. A stronger will.
I should have just ....


But then, after having few thoughts of it over and over again,
I think I'll just go with the flow.
For this time, I'll try to take the road most travelled by, although it's not my kind of preferences.
This is also something new to me.
Trying something that's not according to my liking.
Who knows as I go on, I'll start to develop interest in it... (hopefully)..

Now, dear me, let's try to not regret what I, myself has chosen.
Something good will come up, insya-Allah.


P/S: aaaah, feels good to let things out like this. Alhamdulillah.


  1. insya Allah baik untuk DnT aliya. :) byk2 do'a Allah akan bagi kebaikan yg berganda2. do'a kita tak nak menyesal in the end of it. huhu. we know, Allah is the best planner. ;)

    1. yup. ameen.. insya-Allah.
      yeah, Allah knows what's best kan. maybe that's why Dia gerakkan hati kita untuk pilih tu. huhu.
      There's a reason behind everything.
      Tq kak sufiyyah :)

  2. Alaa, first aid best laaa. xcaye tgok la nnti. haha. tambah-tambah lg effa ada haha

    1. pfffttt.. haha. yela.. lama-lama nanti best lah kot. awal2 ni belum tau banyak2 lagi kan..