Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sort things out


Have you ever felt that you were thinking too much, or thinking of so many things at a time, and you're confused of which one to focus on first?

I have.

Now that's when we reaaally have to remain calm, and calmly, sort things out.
Insya-Allah, after you organize your thoughts, it'll be easier to focus on the main thing.
You'll know which to focus first. You'll know your priority.
Try to get rid of lagha things.

Sorting things out. Photo source.

Remain calm. Be cool. Be organized.

Semoga kita semua dapat mengenal pasti keutamaan masing-masing, dan mengabaikan tarikan-tarikan lain yang sia-sia. Benda kecil, biarkan kecil. Fokus pada yang utama. Tekadkan azam.

Allah kan ada.


Astaghfirullah al-adzim.
Walhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal.

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