Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Thank you PTPTN. Bu-bye~


A few days ago, my dad came into my room and passed me this letter. This letter confirms that I'm no longer tied to PTPTN, as my study loan had been switched to a scholarship due to graduating with a good pointer. Alhamdulillah :)

I'm debt-free. Yeay.

I still remember that before I started my degree, I was trying so hard to get scholarship. I thought that by taking the education course, KPM would offer scholarships. Unfortunately, starting from my 1-year seniors' batch, they stopped. What makes it worse is that NO scholarship was offered for education course. NONE. And I only found this out during my 1st year of degree. I was quite in disbelief plus dissatisfied because I believe that teachers in training should be given scholarship more. I mean, we're helping to shape the future kot.

Ok, enough complaining. Back to main story.

So, in the end, I decided to apply for PTPTN although I was veeery nervous at first. Because numerous people have said negative things about it. But I've also heard that a good pointer may reduce the paying-back of the loan. Considering my pointer during foundation is quite ok, I was hoping I would get some discount for my loan. So, my aim was to get into dean's list.
Then, there was this one time where I met a doctor for a check up. The doctor was asking what course am I applying for, and if I got any scholarship. I answered and told him I'm considering to take loans if I did not get scholarship.

"That's why I want to study hard and get a great pointer. Maybe 3.7 and above," I said.
"Eh, don't just settle to that. Aim for 4 flat lah!" The doctor replied.
"But I think that's impossible," My turn to reply.
"Don't worry. I know you can do it. Just aim for 4 flat, and study hard. We got to aim for the best, you know," the doctor convinced.

His words somehow motivated me.
Yep, gotta aim for the best.

Baguslah doctor tu. No wonder he's a doctor. May Allah bless you.
Anyway, the dialogue above was not exactly like that because it was 4 years ago lor. But the point was there.

So, during my second sem of my degree, I applied for PTPTN. I did not get the full loan, though, but I was grateful because less loan means less debt. Alhamdulillah. My pointer during my 1st semester was also good, so I'm more convinced that I would get discount.

Somewhere in the middle of degree (can't remember when), i was discussing with my friends about PTPTN when someone said that those graduating with first class will not have to pay the loan back. Later I reread the PTPTN's policy on it's website and it was true! The loan will be like a scholarship if the student graduate with first class. That was new.

That motivated me to study and work harder to get a first class. Because I want a loan to lessen my dad's burden, but I also don't want to have debts.

Alhamdulillah, with prayers from my parents and others around me, and most importantly, Allah's will, it worked. Although I did not get 4 flat, the pointer was still great.

Graduated with first class, applied for confirmation letter from the UTM academic office, sent the letter and other required documents to PTPTN's office, and in less than a month, I received this letter.

Thank you PTPTN. Thank you to the people whose money is in PTPTN. Huhu. Thank you to the people who were asked lotsss about PTPTN (my siblings, cousins, friends, etc). Thank you to abah and mama. Thank you doctor (if I aimed lower, i may still have debt now). Thank you postman. Thank you everyone.

Thank you Allah.

Now I have to do well in master's.
Need to get scholarship,
At least do well so that the time, money, energy and etc invested for my study is spent well.

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