Tuesday, May 9, 2017


That's life
Even after we have gone through a lot, it won't ever be perfect.

We'll have our flaws
We'll discover others' flaws.
But that's just how we are.

What is our choice then?
Just live with them.

Hope for the better, but never expect.
Try our best and never expect.

The moment we expect too much, we'll be disappointed.

We don't know what Allah knows.

Time passes. Life changes.
Things won't ever be the same anymore.

You're not as good anymore.
Your ability changes. Your skills changes. Your thought changes. Your life changes.

Maybe worse, maybe better, I don't know.

What we can do know, is to just keep living, by looking at the bright side in everything.

Time passes,
and this, too, shall pass.

Always believe,
that the best is yet to come.


Dedicated to myself luls.

Images from Google.

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