Monday, March 5, 2012

Journey in Pre-TESL ; Part 6


Salam :)

We almost reach the end of our foundation year.

So far, I think my journey here is not that bad. It's cool. I've learned a lot. A lot. Seriously.
I have met a lot of wonderful people here. I have experienced a lot of things here. A lot of first times, I can say. and a lot more wonderful things.

Allow me to throw things randomly.

Yummy! :D
RM 1.50 , purchased at Dewan Bentara

I love this ice-cream very much. A very good stress-reliever on a hot day. It makes me cooler. heh heh. 'cause I am cool. heh heh.

While I was practising on my informative speech one day, suddenly someone knocked on my room's door. It was my next-door neighbour, Zoey. She gave me the flower above. How sweet of her :)). Somehow, it cheered me a bit. Alhamdulillah. Thanks, Zoey :)

Left; Surau. Right; Dewan Bentara (cafe)

That day, I just got back from buying dinner. It actually rained a bit before that. As I walked to my room, I stared at the sky (I've always looked at the sky whenever I walked outside). The rain had stopped. The sun shone a bit. and I saw the rainbow. It was very beautiful, subhanallah.

One thing I like about my room is that, the view from the window is, magnificent. Beautiful. and I can see the surau from afar. I can actually see if there are a lot of people in the surau or not.

Inside my literature book. Still cannot erase the old habit. Scribbling.

We are done with our syllabus. Alhamdulillah. Now, we are only revising on what we've learned since last November. Wow. It's March already. Time flew so fast.
Actually, we are having our study week. We are going to sit for our final exam next week. Eh! Next week!

Semangat dah print exam slip

I don't know. I feel nervous to sit for this exam. *duh, anyone who's gonna sit for exam would feel the same.* I just hope that I will do better. Be a lot more hardworking. More enthusiastic. Smarter. More organized. Cooler. Get my intuition / niat right. Lillahi ta'ala. Insya-Allah. Amiin.

The final examination for all TESL Foundation students will be on 12th of March until 20th March 2012. We are going to sit for 6 papers; Reading, Listening & Speaking, Grammar, Literature, Writing and CTU. Please do pray for all of us. That we'll succeed successfully and that all our efforts will be blessed. Amiin.
hihi. thanks.

I am going to miss a lot of things here. My classmates, old and new. My lecturers. My seniors. My usrah-mates. My friends. My room. My daily student routine. The library. The cafes. heysh.

For the time being, just struggle, do the best that we could, and appreciate the moments we have here now. Just a few days left. and the clock never stops ticking.

Alhamdulillah for everything :)
and astaghfirullah for every sins.
May Allah bless us.