Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gap time. Holiday!


Before entering the 2nd year of my university life, I'm currently enjoying a 3 months break. It's only July now, and alhamdulillah it's already Ramadhan. Am feeling grateful for being able to go through Ramadhan again :')

Actually, I wanna share what I've done during my days of break that have passed, because I've been through a lot and learnt a lot during this short period.

21-23/6/2013: Mukhayyam IS UTM
Mukhayyam is an arabic word for camping. This was organized by IKRAM Siswa in UTM. We had it at Gunung Belumut, Kluang, Johor. Actually, it was very hazy but since we had it in a forest, the air wasn't so bad, alhamdulillah. I drove abah's peugeot to go there. huhu. Thanks abah.
During the mukhayyam, I've learnt a lot about motivation, ukhuwah, ikhtilat, working in a community (amal jamaie) and I got to reflect a lot.

I've also gone through a tough physical exercise: Hiking at Gunung Belumut. 6KM going up and 6KM going down. It was super tiring, but insya-Allah the tired-ness wasn't a waste because I learnt a LOT!
During hiking, whenever I felt weak, I always remind myself that Allah loves strong mu'min more than weak mu'min. I thought it was weird for me to give up and be weak so quickly, because usually, I was always energetic in any adventurous activity, but this time, I was different. When I felt so heavy I can hardly lift my feet to hike up, I reflect upon my sins. Sins can be burden for us to move forward (lesson learnt from Sayonara Jahiliyah). I've only gained my strength back after resting at a checkpoint for a very long time, and being pushed and motivated by other sisters and hikers to continue hiking. You can say that the journey during hiking is quite touching. And I'm not the only one who felt this way.

and here's the most touching but exciting part. Reaching the peak of the mountain! Alhamdulillah.

we're the last group to reach the peak. eheh. accompanied by one of ikhwah and a ranger.
muka semua penat. takleh senyum betul sangat. 

The view from the peak. we can't see below because of the thick haze.
but, we've got to see the blue sky again, after days of grey sky :D
I guess everyone had learnt various of things. Plus, our hiking experiences varies; some got to reach the peak quickly, some got there slowly, etc so the feelings could be different too.
I've also got to know other seniors more closely. hihi. I can feel the heat of ukhuwah. cewah. but seriously, after going through this mukhayyam, it felt like our ukhuwah has been tightened. may Allah bless us.

Balik rumah, susah nak jalan. Kaki sakit tahap mega.

26-29/6/2013 : MUSLEH ISDC 2013
This year, again, I became a runner for MUSLEH International School Debating Championship. It was held in UTM KL. I became the runner for English category, again. Alhamdulillah, met hidayah friends, seniors, juniors and teachers. G12 friends I've met there are Athirah K, Nadiah Hanisah, Ili and Maryam Sakinah. Afiqah AR also came but I didn't get to meet her T_T. Takpelah.
During this year's debate, I didn't concentrate on the debate much. I found myself hard to concentrate on the debate. I should improve on that. Listening skill tu.. and should improve my critical thinking skill.

Arab Category: As-Salah Charity School, Gaza
English Category: SMIHJB, MY
Malay Category: STAR Ipoh, Perak, MY
report: [click here]

and this is a picture of warga hidayah. teachers, seniors, juniors and friends :)

1-3/7/2013 : Mukhayyam Amil/Amilah (Year 5) SRIH
I became the facilitator during this camping. Fellow g12 friends are Nadiah Hanisah, Aliya Adzlan and Humaira' Jelani. others female facis are b13 juniors and kak Aisyah Ismail. Got to meet SRIH's ustazahs again. hehe. Alhamdulillah.
This was also a fun experience because for the first time ever, I got aulad's group to take care of. Wathing their behaviour is fun, although sometimes can be challenging, especially in getting them to work in a group.

No pictures T_T.

7/7/2013 - present : Eheh. in Queensland, Australia
Yeah, I'm currently in Australia. I think I'll post another entry to share what I'm doing here, insya-Allah.
Alhamdulillah I've safely landed here on 8.25PM (Queensland time), 7th July after being air-sick in the plane since the plane took off until 2 hours before landing -__-".
I'm experiencing Ramadhan away from family, and in a cold weather. This is a new experience.
I'll be here till  a week before the new semester in UTM starts. wuu~

ceceh, gamba dalam plane

Alright, that's all for now.
Salam :)

May Allah bless us in this month of Ramadhan.

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