Sunday, August 4, 2013

Journey in Queensland I

Salam :)

As what I've written in the previous post, I've safely arrived in Queensland on 7th of July.

Riding the AirAsiaX flight

The Flight
Landed at Coolangatta Airport, Gold Coast with a change of tudung and pants, and without a jacket because I threw up in the plane due to air-sickness. Luckily, I brought a spare tudung along in the plane, and the person beside me was very kind to give me her extra pants! (wuwu,, I'm touched.. sobs..) and a stewardess gave me a bottle of minyak kapak. She's quite concerned about me. bagus, a good service! Alhamdulillah when we landed, it was 8:23pm and the temperature was 15°c so I can stand the cold... ceh, padahal jalan laju-laju nak masuk airport cepat.
Kak Aliya picked me up shortly after I've arrived and we went straight to her house in Brisbane.

Oh yeah, why do I go here?

Background Story
Kak Aliya Azlan is my senior from high school. Oh yes, apparently, our first name is the same. koh koh. I come here to be her babysitter for around 2 months during this long break. I'll be back to Malaysia on 6th of September, insya-Allah, so I'll be spending the whole Ramadhan and Syawal (almost) in here!
Anyway, Kak Aliya has 2 sons: Layth (6 going on 7) and Thauban (almost 2). Since Layth went to school during weekdays and I have day-off during weekends, so I mostly babysit Thauban when Kak Aliya isn't home.

Thauban and Layth.
I really have no idea why did Layth pose like that

The Work
Babysitting and help with house chores, just like what girls usually do at home. So, I guess so far, everything went well insya-Allah. huhu. But Thauban reminded me of my nieces and nephews a lot! and Layth reminded me of Hanaa because they were born in the same year. oh I miss them. but I think when I got back, I will miss Thauban and Layth.. so, better play with them to the fullest!
but it's quite impossible for me to play with Thauban when Kak Aliya and her husband is home. He would not want me at all. haha.
Usually, every weekday morning, before kak Aliya sent Layth to school and go to work, I will take Thauban for a stroll around the neighbourhood. Although it's Ramadhan, I don't feel really exhausted because the air is just nice. My body warms up in the cold morning.
I don't play with Layth much, I guess, because, I don't know what should I play with him. Sometimes I just watch him constructing lego planes, train tracks, or listen to his informative speech about trains, planes and titanic. I can say that he's quite knowledgeable because he reads factual books a lot.

Ramadhan in here
This is a whole new experience for me because I'm fasting in winter and I'm actually experiencing winter! hahah. But of course, no snow in here. Average temperature, 11-21°c kot. (hentam)
In here, we fast for approximately 12 hours but it gets longer by a few minutes as the days pass. Daytime is shorter and night is longer. Thus, performing night prayers is quite relaxed. We can finish tawawih by 8p.m, and I will have plenty of time to do anything before bedtime. However, sahur is too early.

Only a few days left, better make the best out of these last days of Ramadhan, ey?

Kak Aliya and her husband held an iftar in their house once. There were a lot of food and everything was very delicious, alhamdulillah! We had BBQ and foods in the photo above. hehe.

Oh yeah, while I'm in here, of course I'm taking the opportunity to visit places in here. Usually I will go to different places with kak Aliya and her family during weekends. I've been to a few places already. I shall share them in a separate entry.

till then!
Salam :)

P/S: I'm still thinking what should I get as souvenirs for the people I love. what should I buy? am hoping that when it's time to go shopping for souvenirs and gifts, there'll be a lot of sales. ameen!


  1. Wahh seems like you are having such a great time there Aliya :) Take care :*