Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Journey in Queensland V


This is the story from the last 2 weekend.

Since I didn't really have a plan for my weekend, I asked Kak Iman K out. Kak Iman K is studying in Uni of Queensland (UQ). I knew her through her blog and my friend, Athirah Kahar. I actually didn't know that she is studying here. When I uploaded my pictures on facebook, Kak Iman suddenly commented "you're in Brisbane? Let's meet up sometimes" <-- kind of like that. So we got in touch with each other, and I decided to meet her.

17/8/2013: Taringa and Southbank

Kak Iman and I met up at city. Throughout our journey, we rode the bus. The bus here is very efficient! It's like the LRT/Train/Monorail in KL but, it's a bus! It even has a busway.
We went to Taringa to attend an open house of Ustazah Asma'. She is someone kak Iman know. We filled our stomach there before we went to Southbank.

Queensland Museum
It's located in Southbank, very near to the Queensland State Library.

The entrance.

I think this dinasour is a must-take-photo-with
The museum is quite interesting. There are models of animals, historical things and collections. It is from that museum that I learn that Australia actually has a lot of its own resources. Well, it's the only continent down here.
I didn't take much photo there because some areas don't allow cameras and at other areas, I didn't really know what to capture. huhuh.

 There are a lot of thing in here. There are the ferris-wheel, restaurants, food stalls, BBQ, etc and during weekends, there is a market. Southbank is the place where the carnivals will be held. It is kind of like Danga Bay in JB but Southbank is bigger.

Southbank and the market.
The churros is very good!
I bought some souvenirs at the market. Most things there are handmade. Cool. After that, we went to enjoy ice-cream at the ice-cream shop called Cold Rock. Yummy!

and then we headed to kak Iman's house. I had a sleepover there. We went to the neighbourhood by ferry! On the ferry, we sat at the outer side, so I didn't get sea-sick. Alhamdulillah.

Southbank and the city of Brisbane, viewed from the ferry.

18/8/2013: University of Queensland
My wish to go visit a university overseas came true! hoho. oh, actually I went there because there was a Raya event organized by Malaysian UQ students and kak Iman was one of the committees. She's the one who invited me over. I had a great tour there with my tourguide, Kak Iman and Kak Liyana. Kak Liyana is Kak Iman's friend and apparently, she's also the cousin of my school seniors, Kak Farhana and kak Husna Zain.

I'm a happy tourist. *satisfied*
 UQ has museums, libraries, lakes, hostels, faculties and many shops. I wished I could visit the shops but since I went during weekend, most shops were closed. UQ is big, but I don't know if it is bigger or smaller than UTM. I think UTM is bigger.

Then, I went to the raya event called Riang Ria Raya Queensland. Raya food! Bismillah~ Omnomnomnom.. A lot of people came regardless of their nationality, religion and races.

People, people everywhere.

I hang out with kakak-kakak who handled Buku Jalanan Brisbane.
I had a great time chatting and hanging out with Malaysian students there. It didn't feel like I was overseas, but they probably did feel so because they are away from their home and family for a long time, while I'll be back home soon. Somehow, when I was there, I kept telling myself, "uuu, I'm surrounded by sponsored students here.. semua pandai-pandai ni.." Rasalah inferior sikit. haha. But yeah, I had a great time with them.

Then, kak Iman sent me to the UQ Lakes bus station and I headed back to kak Aliya's house. It was a good weekend. Alhamdulillah.

Last weekend, I didn't do anything much. Just went shopping for souvenirs. hoho.
My weekdays are just as usual, babysitting Thauban and Layth when he's not attending school, doing house chores, online, etc.

This weekend is my final weekend here. I am going back next week! Kinda sad that I'm gonna leave Brisbane but am excited to meet my family and friends too! and,, just a little excited to start the new semester in uni. uhuk.

That's it for now.
May Allah bless us.

wassalam :)

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