Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Journey in Queensland IV


July passed and August came.
Ramadhan passed and Syawal came.

8/8/2013: 'Eidul Fitr
As what I've written in my Eid post, I only knew eid was on the day few minutes after I woke up that morning. so, Yeay, I got to wear baju kurung overseas! (p/s: it's not a new baju raya, just a casual baju kurung)

Here we are, at the masjid
in ladies' praying area.
As we walked out from the masjid, a few men lining up through the way and giving this to everyone.
This only one of the sweets they gave. There are a lot more kinds of sweets.
It's very delicious!!
My eid picture is also in my eid post. eheh.

Meanwhile in Malaysia...

Huntongla derang main bunga apiii~~
1st picture: My parents + grandmother + siblings present + brother in law + nephews + 2 cousins. Nenek is so cute making peace sign. heee. Love that picture because everyone is smiling happily.
Bottom-left: Iman Syuhada, my niece (Suhaib's daughter) watching her aunts playing with the sparkles
Bottom-right: Kauthar, my niece (Maimunah's daughter) under the coffee table.

I don't really feel homesick because I know I'll be back at Malaysia after a month. koh koh. But it does feel a little empty to celebrate raya without my family.

But I'm truly grateful that I'm here with a Malaysian family so I can still enjoy nasi impit and rendang :)
but no burasak this year. of course lah kan, it's only available at nenek's kampung.

10/8/2013: Raya weekend
I followed Kak Aliya to her friend's house, Kak Ain. Kak Ain held an open house. I enjoyed eating many raya food and sweets.

Then, we went to Gold Coast. It's only about 45minutes drive from Brisbane.

Kak Aliya planned to bring her kids here so I tag along. kih kih. This is the opportunity that I just couldn't let it go.

The logo at the entrance

This is the first ride I rode. The buzzsaw.

Right after coming in, after settling down myself (study map, etc), I rode the first ride I saw, The Buzzsaw. I just thought about giving it a try, without thinking more that this is one of the thrilling rides. After queuing up for about 20 minutes, I rode this and man, I really regretted it while I was on the ride. I didn't prepare my mental enough. haha. There are times when my head was bowed and it was hard to raise it back up. Luckily I have a strong neck bone. It didn't hurt.

Then, went to the surau to perform zuhr and after that, had lunch. The lunch was a buffet. It is around $23++ per head and we can take anything we like. The food is halal and delicious! Of course, I tried to take as many food as I like, but I know I couldn't eat much because I was going to ride more rides. (so, that was the trick, huh?)

My second ride, motocoaster

I bought my photo from this ride. When the shopkeeper said, "just you, alone?" while cropping my picture, I felt a little lonely. haha. but anyhow, I like my photo there because I was smiling throughout the whole ride!
Then I went to walk more.

Kung Fu Panda town
At Madagascar's
Pandamonium. The last ride I rode.
 Oh yeah, I only got to ride three rides only because the queuing up took so long. I queued up to ride a roller-coaster called the Cyclone but the queue line is too long. Hence, I decided to go shopping. hoho. Didn't buy much thing though. After that, I went back to Kung Fu Panda place and ride the pandamonium. I was unaware that the ride is a thrilling ride, but I had fun. I think I was building up my confidence and self-esteem in there.
However, it made me very dizzy afterwards. I think it's because during the ride, I took off my glasses, and the ride is all about spinning, and someone smells on the ride. uhuks. Luckily I didn't throw up.

All in all, I had a great trip there. But I've always had the thought of 'what if's on my head. huhuh.

That's it for now.
Last weekend, I celebrated raya with Malaysian again. I shall share it in the next entry.

wassalam :)

P/S: Today is the remembrance of Al-Quds day.

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