Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Journey in Queensland II


During my first weekend in here, we went to Toowoomba. Toowoomba is like a countryside on a hill (or is it a mountain?), so because the place is high, the temperature is colder too. Luckily I brought a heater along. In Toowoomba, I went to Picnic Point, Japanese Garden, and a few other parks I don't know their names.

13-14/7/2013: Toowoomba

Picnic Point
This place is at the top of Toowoomba. Sight-seeing here is great. You can see the neighbourhoods and highways below. The scenery is very picturesque; beautiful!
Oh, we didn't have picnic here because we were fasting. But this is a beautiful place for a picnic. There are a few restaurant and playground here. People who live around here is lucky!

we can see this giant Australian flag from below. cool!
Look at the scenery at the background. uuuu~ feeling soo tall.
keep walking.
found the secret garden. eyceh. it was so beautiful I felt like taking pictures non-stop.
Next, we went to a
mini-museum of train. It's a model train showroom. It's located near a horse place (can't remember the name :P)

I like the mini city!
chuggington, chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-chuggington~

The next morning, we went to another place.

Japanese Garden
It is located in the University of Southern Queensland. It was very cold the morning we went. We can't really see the sun too, so most of the photos look gloomy. But still, I had a great walk and time there!

Group of ducks at the lake. They're very cute.

Wanted to use timer. Didn't make it to the targeted rock.
Doesn't matter, had picture taken here.

So many different kinds of trees!
My favourite scene.

Beautiful wasn't it?
It must be a lot more beautiful during spring.

That evening, we went to a park. can't remember its name.

Park in Toowomba
I think this is another great spot for a picnic. It has playgrounds, good scenery and many spaces.


The playground


A very cool game station!
Actually, this machine(?) offers many types of games. it's fun.

While I was walking and taking pictures of the scenery there, I spotted a group of teenagers, hanging out with their friends, and I thought, "It would be nice if my friends were here too." Then I thought of the idea of having a picnic with my friends on that park. but then I realized that I was in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. koh koh.

Well, that's my first weekend in Queensland.
It was my first and last time in Toowoomba.

Insya-Allah I will write about other places I've been in the next posts.
Salam :)

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