Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Journey in TESL V : Semester 2


Although semester 2 of my 1st year has ended a month ago, I still want to write about it!

Nothing much happened, though.
Basically, the things I have gone through in this semester were the same things I had gone through on the 1st semester. Same class, same college, same co-q activity. The only things that are different are the subjects I took. Oh yeah, in this semester too, I joined the committee of Kelab Iqra' UTM. heee.

The subjects I took this semester are, still 8. They are Telecommunication and Networking, Educational Psychology, Structures of English, Literacy Appreciation, Effective Writing Skills, Dinamika Malaysia, English for Academic Communication and Japanese Language II. For co-curriculum activity, I took First Aid II. 2 semesters to go to finish the co-q! why so long...

Let's move on to what I've been through... I might miss some because I can't remember everything.

23/3/2013: HAKI (Hari Kelab Iqra')
The first kelab Iqra's event I joined. Alhamdulillah it was fun because I can get to know other students, especially Iqra's seniors. We played futsal and a few sukaneka activities.

Look at the prizes!

28/3/2013: Teachers in Training from Tsukuba University
A few students from the Faculty of Education came to UTM for their teaching training. One of the students came teaching Japanese Language during our Japanese class.

20/4/2013: Programme for PRS of SMK Taman Desa Skudai
Most of my classmates and I organized a programme for PRS of the school. It's actually under the name of our faculty's club, Persatuan Mahasiswa Pendidikan, but all the committee members are our classmates.

The activities we prepared for them were moral, teamwork and leadership-based. We had fun getting to know the teachers (they are young and very friendly) and the PRSs too. Alhamdulillah all of them are PRS, so, they behaved well.

until June 2013: Tests, Drama performance, Final exam
For this semester's drama performance in Literacy Appreciation class, students in our class are divided into 3 groups. We performed Hamlet's play. My group did a parody of it.
Study went, just as usual.. huhuh. But I think I got lazier than last semester. but Alhamdulillah my friends and roommate are quite diligent, they motivated me to study. Thanks Epaa, Intan and Teno, my groupmates in almost every group assignment! and thanks Qila for visiting my room often, encouraging me to study together with you. hohoh. thanks to all classmates too. k tibe je credits.
Final exam went as usual too.

During semester 2, I'm trying to get myself balanced between my worldly needs and hereafter's needs. I really hope I can fulfill both, and succeed in both the world and the hereafter.

can't wait for the adventures in the next semester :)
ceh, ye je.
All the best, Aliya.

May Allah bless us.

That's all. Salam :)

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