Saturday, May 5, 2012

Journey in Pre-TESL: Officially Ends. Credits rolling.


I have been wanting to update about this since a long long time ago. Since our final exam result came out actually, last 27th of April.

Alhamdulillah, my result was quite ok la. Although my GPA for this semester was a bit lower than the previous one, but when I see the CGPA, it is still ok. My 1st sem's GPA backs up a lot. hoho.

1st sem: 3.67 | 2nd sem: 3.54 | CGPA Foundation: 3.60

Still, alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal :)
Now, my journey in Pre-TESL has officially ended. After this, I won't have to log on to the istudent portal anymore. I thank UiTM so much for accepting me as their Foundation student. I can still remember my interviewers' faces, you know. Their expressions while interviewing me. Hoho. Ok, forget about that.

I thank Allah so much for giving me the opportunity to have this journey, in the course I have chosen to take. I have lots of new experiences and made lots of great friends.

1st Semester.

2nd Semester

The pictures describe it all. sikit. hak hak.

Anyway, let's go to the credits :)

Since this entry will be super long, I'll put jump break (the read more thingy)..

Thank you to mama and abah, and my whole family for always be there to support me, giving ideas for my assignments, etc. I think I got back home a lot this semester, compared to the 1st sem.

Thank you to my roommate for 1 sem and a quarter (kot), Amirah Mustafa, for being a very good room-mate to me. We shared a lot of things, food, stories, videos, movies, stuffs, etc. Although this semester we were not in the same class anymore, we are still close (duh, room-mate kot). Thank you for always be there for me, to hear my stories and craps. Thank you for always encouraging me to study. hoho. Uhibbuki fillah.

Thank you to my roommates for a 3/4 of semester, Munierah (Emme), Qamarina and Fatin Ameerah. During our short period together, we can still share lots of things and stories. I had fun with all of you. Tenmeera with her super funny jokes, Qama with lots of stories and Emme with lots of stories too, and some craps. haha. Thanks to Qama and Emme for always letting me borrow their hanger whenever my hanger ran out of stock (tula, basuh baju lambat, bila basuh semua terus, dah tak cukup hanger nak sidai). Emme, for 2nd semester has become my classmate. We worked in a group a lot. Thank you Emme for your diligent-ness. I like working with you. Tenmeera, Qama and Emme, thank you for everything :) I love you all fillah.

Thank you to my study and play gang, Atikah Nabilah (tkanab), Anis Farahin (chakci), Wanie, Aisyah, Beyla, Izzati Rahmat. Depa rajin lepak bilik aku untuk blajo, lagi-lagi musim exam. Thank you for encouraging me to study, and sharing lots of things with me. We share stories, movies, songs. I love them.

Thank you to my other gang, Neng, Afiqah, Nisa, Amalina, Izni. I like going to their room and disturbing them whenever I have nothing to do. Hoho. Lagi-lagi Amal dengan Izni tula. Even though their room is kind of far (different college but our colleges face each other), I still like to go to their room. Neng and Afiqah got cars, so, thanks to them, I can easily go anywhere without having to walk too far. But every day, I rode Afiqah's Swift together with Nisa, Amal, Izni and Fatin Farhana (papat). So, we are Swift girls (as written in Papat's blog. hohoh). Oh, thanks very much, korang. I love you all very much.

Thank you to my next-door neighbours, Haslina and Zulaikha (Zoey). They had been a very good neighbour to Amirah and I. They gave me the bedak sejuk when I got sunburn. They helped me open my room's door whenever I forgot to bring the key. Sometimes Zoey will enter my room through the window and unlock the door from inside, and sometimes I do that myself. Rindu pulak zaman tu. Thanks korang!

Wah, look how long has this entry been. Let's just continue.

Thank you to my classmates for both sem, 1 Bougainvillea (as the class rep named it) and 2 Barracuda Babies (as one of my guy classmates named it). I had a great time with all of you during this 2 sems. Since I have given credits to 1 Bougainvillea on last sem's entry, let's give credits to this sem's class. Wafri (class rep) and Fatin Farhana (assistant) have been great leaders to us. They've done their works properly too. Hoho. Next, to my other classmates, Emme, Nisa, Hannah, Amal, Izni, Afiqah, Atikah Nabilah, Aida, Haslina, Hazmira, Ajeerah, Safiyyah, Wan Atiyah and the boys (letak nickname jelah); Zul, Hassan, Abade, Acap Glee, Farid Supian, Bidin, Pa'an Boo, Kimi, Pa'ad, Boss, Haziq Hamed, Arif, Amin. Thank you for everything.

Thank you to TESL club's high committee members, Fatah, Kimi, Alan, Haslina, Syafiqah and all the AJKs. Thank you so much for the very good cooperation everyone gave.

Thank you to Level 1 Marwah Kolej Tun Hasan. (Hoho nak jugak letak ni). The MTs; Wardah, Haslina, Yat. Thank you to everyone for presenting yourselves during Yasin level. May Allah bless us always :)) and thank you to the RS, Ustazah yang baik, for taking care of us.

Thank you to all my lecturers this year, Mr. Naza, Miss Ju, Miss Siti, Madam Nagamany, Madam Nisa and Ust Ayob for teaching us, the whole TESL students. I love to hear the stories from Miss Siti and Miss Ju. Miss Ju likes to give tazkirah too, and I like that. I like listening to Madam Naga's thoughts on things that made me think. I like all my lecturers. May God bless them always :)

Thank you to everyone who has presented themselves in my life during these two semesters.

and I think that's the end of the credits.

our shirt :)
Baju siapa ntah ni.

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal.

Another phase of my life has ended.
Foundation in TESL, Faculty of Education, UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka. Ends.
and the menganggur phase is here again.

I hope with the break and the nikmat of free time Allah has given me and some of my friends (since some has got their work), we will spend this time wisely. Insya-Allah.
and may Allah eases us in all of our work :)


P/S: All photos were taken from these people's cameras; Amirah, Izni, Kila Bro, etc.


  1. Tahniah Aliya. I'm proud of you :)

  2. Setelah lama baca, baru sekarang nak comment.
    Hihi Aliya, thank you very much for the post. And yeah I did tell lotsa craps kahkah. Guilty as charged. Kehkeh. Thank you for everything Aliya. Room mates, group mates, pair-work mate, usrah mate, a shoulder to cry on. Sem 2 kita fragile gila. Aliya, Qama and Mira yang banyak tolong. Thank you very much. And, making decision coming to Lendu is never a mistake insyallah. Ana uhibbuki fillah abadan abada Aliya! Assalamualaikum (:

    1. hoho. xpe, mungkin craps tu yang mengeratkan kite. cewah. haha.. yeah.. waalaikumussalam :)