Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eidul Adha 1432H


grabbed from somewhere @ Tumblr

O Allah, I am waiting for the call
Praying for the day when I can be near the Kaabah wall
- Waiting for The Call by Irfan Makki
The time will come, insya-Allah.

Eidul adha.
I wonder if all muslims really comprehend the meaning behind it.The sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim a.s & Ismail a.s have done. Prophet Ibrahim a.s sacrificed his beloved son to prove his love to Allah. Prophet Ismail a.s, as his son, obeyed him, and don't even care about being sacrificed, because he knew that his father have to do it because of Allah.

Sacrificing one's love towards the world, for Allah's love.

If I were in his shoe, I might have failed to do the task. Might.
Say, for example, if I was told to give off my netbook (one of my kesukaaan duniawi). Not to just give it off, but also to ruin it, break it into pieces...
for the sake of Allah. to prove my love to Allah.

Will I really do it?

how about you?
If you were in the situation, will you do it?
Seriously, will you?

eheh. okay, I am always changing the subject. Sorry.
but, let me keep the answer to myself, and you keep the answer to yourself too.
self-reflection, ok?

Anyway, I think it's not too late to wish you a happy eidul adha :)
May someday, we will all get the chance to perform our hajj, insya-Allah.
May Allah lends us strength to do sacrifices just for Him, and may we get the benefits and learn the lessons from the story of prophet Ibrahim's sacrifice.
Enjoy the free meat, others' sacrifice to prove their love to Allah (qurban). eheh.

Happy Eid!
from Khair Family :)

May Allah bless us all.

P/S: The family photo was taken on the morning of eidul adha, 6th November 2011, 10 Zul-hijjah 1432h. For overseas family, Ahmad, Hasanah and Suhail, more pictures are coming soon on fb. Stay tuned. *tiboo


  1. Faruqi macam takde reaction je dalam gambar ni. Mainan kat tangan, lain tak layan dah. Haha. Comel :D

  2. munir; wah, laju hang komen. hohoh. a'ah, budak tu memang. banyak2 amek shot, gambar faruqi tu statik je macam tu. kat tangan dia tu henpon ayah kita. tgh bukak game angry birds kot. khusyu' betul walaupun tak reti main -__-"
    comel kan? macam makcik dia. hahahahahaha...

  3. kyra; salam eidil 'adha juga :DD

  4. awak..comelnya family ni.suka tengok.

  5. comel sbb ada kite. ok sori.
    eheh. thanks btw ;)