Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random: Teaching, Good person?


Just want to write some random things before I went to bed tonight. *sleepy* *running nose* *suddenly remembered that I haven't take the medicine yet* *will do after this* *this starry******thing is too long*  ok stop.

Alhamdulillah, today, I went to my school and met my teachers and some of my friends. We had a great time, alhamdulillah.

I just want to share some random dialogue I had with my former English teacher. She taught me English since I was in form 3 until form 5. I met her at the bilik guru. This is our shortened version of conversation; [we had a mostly malay conversation]
Me: Ustazah sibuk ke? Ada kelas?
Ustazah: Tak lah, tapi ustazah nak uruskan kertas-kertas ni haa *showing the exam papers*
Me: *excited, flashback-ed zaman buat English essays* wah, banyak. Ustazah nak ana tolong? Hehe. Practice, practice. (since I'm taking TESL. ceh, bajet sket)
Ustazah: Oh, boleh juga! Ha, anti mengajar la sini nanti.
Me: Oh, ha'ah kan. Nanti tahun depan kan ada cuti panjang
Ustazah: Bagus lah tu. Sini pun tak cukup sangat cikgu English.. TESL belajar apa je? Grammar...?
Me: A'ah, ada grammar, reading, listening, speaking, writing, camtu-camtu la.
Ustazah: Oh, dah tere la ni?
Me: Tere? Oh, tak la sangat zah. Huhu. Kat sana kitorang tak speaking sangat pun. Banyak cakap melayu je.
Ustazah: Haa, that's why you have to go overseas. Lagi effective. Nanti buatla master kat overseas.
Me: hoho. tula. Insya-Allah...

The message behind the conversation, plus I added more some;

  1. I miss writing essays. But more to narrative.
  2. Ustazah mentioned about being a part-time teacher there. I suddenly thought that do I really have the qualities to be a teacher? A good teacher?..
  3. Environment helps give influence in your language. You are with Malay speakers, you speak Malay more. You are with English speakers, you use English more.
  4. I thank her so much for helping me to improve my English! She encouraged me a lot.

That was about some educational stuff.

Then, my friends and I went to another friend's house nearby. She's our SRIH schoolmate. We talked a lot, reminiscing our memories back then. and I realized how innocent I was when I was in primary school. I even wrote letters in a very skema proper language, and I followed the informal letter format too! Good girl. Comelnya aku dulu. ok dah, tak boleh perasan banyak sangat.

But now, 今で, الآن, sekarang, what kind of girl have I become?


What kind of person have YOU become today? *changing the subject*

alright. that's just for the muhasabah.
That's all, wassalam.

Random: Everything is up to HIM. He knows what's best.
Random #2: This is the first time I used the word 'reminiscing' in my writing.


  1. :)
    yeaha. improving the 2nd language in a land that using first language most of the time is very challenging aliya~ i mean specifically for spoken one. even i, it's been 2 years and half am takin' TESL primary education, and i dunno what have i mastered in this field all this time?
    yet, back to the basic too, am always ask myself, did i try my best to be good at it? did i do regular revision to master one thing in this field? *ketuk kepala sendiri* see, the blame... most of the wrongs will just return to me. yae. environment too influenced. :)
    aliya, all the best! ;]

  2. yeahh, it's still up to us too. if the environment is good enogh but we ourselves are hesitant to learn, nothing will work. eheh. environment is just one of the contributing factors.
    thanks kak piya! you too ;)