Tuesday, November 22, 2011



Assalamualaikum w.b.t :)
Alhamdulillah, our classes for 2nd semester has already started yesterday. I just had my class this morning on 10.30 a.m and I'm going to have another class on 4.30 p.m. So, during this long gap, I just want to post a quick entry. (I hope it's short ;p)

This morning, we had a literature class with Madam Nagamany. Honestly, before going to this class, my mind was full of perceptions towards this subject. Literature. It seems to be hard. Not easy. But then, the class started, and thanks to madam, I think I'm going to love this subject.

Literature is wide. It's enriching. It has a lot of interpretation. Just one simple verse can give so many meanings. and I think literature is mysterious. Because only the author knows the exact meaning of what he or she write. It's interesting.

I think I like to ponder people through their literature; stories, poems, any pieces of writings,.... although I may not understand them that well, especially poems. hoho. but I like it.

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Without me realizing (as in, reaaaaally realizing), actually, I live with literature most of the time. I read novels, I read short stories, I read song lyrics, and most importantly, as a Muslim, I read the Quran. The Quran is an example of a very unique and amazing literature piece that no human can beat it even when human do it together. The original language itself is very beautiful, and when we read the translation, the language is still beautiful. Subhanallah. That's just the language, the messages in the verses are very good and meaningful too. The verses can even make our heart calmer too. It is never a waste of time to read and comprehend the Quran :)

Just thinking about that, made me realize that I actually like literature.
I only dislike it because when I heard the word 'literature', the first thing appeared in my mind was poem. It's not just about poem actually. I forgot that. Maybe because I'm too worried about poem that I forgot that literature has novels and short stories too. heh.
and, actually, poems are not so hard to interpret, since it has lots of way of interpretation. Some people have different interpretation even though they read the same thing. and Madam also said something like this; "every time we read, we learn something new. even if we read the same thing." and I agree with her. I've read a novel twice, and the 2nd time I read the novel, I learned more than the first time.

In a nut shell, literature seems fun to me :)

I think that's all I want to share. This post is not as short as I hope it is. But not too long too. I need to control myself from writing too excessively. hoho. abaikan

Wassalam :)


  1. uswah pun suke gile literature! eh btw lecturer ngko org jepun ke?

  2. Uswah: yeah! kite mewarisi mama! hohoho~
    mana ada la. tu nama jepun ke? dia orang India. best dia ngajar!