Friday, November 4, 2011

Journey in Pre-TESL ; Part 4


Salam :)

We are still enjoying our semester break. In this entry, I want to write about:

1st semester's final result
After reading a few texts from my friends this morning, I switched on my netbook. I knew the result was out. But I was kind of reluctant to see my result, but was somehow curious about the result (I expected the website to hang). I did not log on to facebook first. My friends must have been discussing about the results there. I opened my email. Spotted and e-mail with the title "UITM EXAMINATION RESULT...", I looked at the time sent. 4:01 AM. Ceh, if I knew it has been sent on that time, I've checked it after subuh. Anyway, I opened it, and my full results were displayed.

Alhamdulillah :)
2A 4A- 2B+

I have to improve my Grammar.

Most TESLians excelled in our 1st final. Alhamdulillah.
Anyway, let's continue to put on more efforts to success on the next times, insya-Allah.
Don't be too happy, don't be too sad,
We still have next semester,
Anything can happen.

taken from somewhere at Tumblr

Appreciation and credits; Semester 1
First of all, big thanks to Allah. He sent me lots of good people in my life, He kept giving me reminders throughout my life, He helped me a lot, He encouraged me a lot through His love letters, He inspired me a lot, He blessed me with lots of things in this world. I hope I can meet Him one day in His Jannah.

Thanks to my parents, mama and abah. They reminded me a lot to always remember Allah, they always prayed for me, they supported me endlessly and they love me non-stop. Thanks :)

Then, my lecturers in this sem. Madam Nagamany, Miss Ju, Miss Siti, Miss Siti Fatimah, Madam Nisa, Mr. Naza and not to forget, Ustazah Normala, for teaching us to success. Thank you.

Next, to my friends.
Amirah, Emme, Qamarina, Fatin Ameerah. Thank you for sharing your notes and help me a lot in study. Thanks for giving me tips and advices. Thanks for encouraging me always. Thanks for being hard-working that I'm attracted to be hard-working too.
My awesome 1B classmates, Amirah (again), Neng, Anis Faezah, Izni, Amalina, Anis Farahin, Bella, Izzati, Ejat, Asiah Aisyah, Atikah, Ezzah, Ainaa (yang dah pindah), Fyza, Wanie, Jay, and the boys, Fatah (class rep), Acap, Harir, Syahmi, Farid, Hanif, Hassan, Syahir, Dean, Boss, Alil, Zuhri, Jakir, Haziq. Thanks for your encouragement and support, for being the awesome classmates, for being hard-working that I felt challenged to be hard-working, for helping me a lot, etc. Thank you so much.

And others who remember me in your prayers, thank you :)


Alhamdulillah for everything.

Semester 2 will start soon, on 21st of November.
More challenges are waiting ahead. May Allah lends us more strength to overcome all the obstacles, insya-Allah. Good luck all! :D

Tomorrow is Arafah day, 9th of Zulhijjah. Let's fast tomorrow!
The eidul 'adha is on the day after tomorrow. Don't fast on that day. Celebrate the day.

That's all. Wassalam :)


  1. Aliya, again, congrats. I'm so proud of you.
    #And thanks, sebab mention nama kite. Hihi. *malu

  2. munir: thanks! heee :) ohh, perlulah mention nama awak. banyak tolong kite. hoho.

    kyra: thanks kyra. Alhamdulillah.

  3. Hai Aliya DL, (nama baru awk :P)result kte masuk kt email 3.51 am. Hihi. Double-double congrate btw! :D

  4. Hai kak kinabell DL :P Asasi takde DL-DL kot. sama je kot semua. hohoh. thanks btw :D
    and congrats juga kak kina! kih3.