Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 13; Picture of My Favourite Band or Artist

This post is included in the 30 days challenge

Assalamualaikum! and good day :)

I love musics and I have plenty of favourite artists but these are my top favourites.

Richard Clayderman

A French pianist. An artist of instrumental music. Some of his musics combined two genres, like classical and pop and the outcome were awesome. I love most of his musics :D :D

Kevin Kern

An American pianist and music composer. Most of his musics are soft and soothing. His musics can be a sweet lullaby song. heee.


A japanese band of instrumental music. They used piano in most of their songs. Their musics are great too and very soothing. Can be a lullaby. Can also be a background music for a sad scene. I love their musics :)


my all-time favourite nasyeed band. My family love their songs too, especially the old albums.

There you go. If you readers have some time, you can listen to their musics. Insya-Allah you'll like them.

That's all. thanks and salaam :)

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