Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 29; Something I could never get tired of doing

 This post is included in the 30 days challenge



Hm. I myself am not sure of what I could never get tired of doing. Because in everything I do, there must be a point where I felt tired of doing it, although it is something I like. If I do it too much or too long, I'll feel bored and want to do some other things. but I do have many things I rarely get tired of doing :)

One of them is;

looking at the blue sky

but if I stare up too long, my neck will get tired too. ceh.
But still, looking at the sky can bring peace in my mind. I feel calm. and like my dad, I like to photograph the sky too. The sky is very beautiful, subhanallah.

oh, this is the 29th challenge! the last, 30th, is tomorrow's. Wow. How time has flew so fast. It's 30 days already. Our final result will be out next week! I have less than four weeks of holiday remaining. Wuh. never mind.

that's all.
wassalam :)

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