Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 21; A photo of something that makes me happy

This post is included in the 30 days challenge


Salam :)

I don't want to put just a picture. Please allow me to put two. Although there's actually more than two things that make me happy. But these are the only two I want to feature. Hohoho.

The Al-Quran and the books

My favourite things. Just seeing these can make me happy. I love to look at a shelf full of books. I love to look at my book or novel collection (although I still haven't finished reading all those). I love sitting or standing in front of a book shelf picking books to read, or berangan 'I will read this one' but up until now I haven't read it yet (rambang mata sangat nak pilih buku nak baca). I love going to book stores and look at all rows of shelves filled with books.
If you give me a book or a magazine which issue I haven't bought yet, I would surely be happy :) . but that also depends on the book content and genre. heh.
and, just seeing the Al-Quran makes me feel calm. When I hold it, I feel calmer. and in it, there are a lot of ayat that can make me feel happy and positive :)

and here's another thing that makes me happy.

A hijab-ed Barbie Doll!
how cool is that?! 0o0

....wait.... I just googled and there's another product like Barbie, named Folla. Now I'm confused. Is Folla a company under Barbie or Mattel or is it just another company of doll? Is the doll I put above is a Barbie or a Folla? hmm.. never mind. The point is, the doll is dressed appropriately. Covers her aurah. This fashion can be followed by the young children who play this doll :))
by the way, the doll above is Hanaa's, my youngest sister.

Updated: Alright, the above doll is a Fulla. It's marketed to children of Islamic and Middle-East countries. My brother Ahmad bought it at Jordan. 

alright. that's all.

Salam :)

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