Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 25; Who am I?

This post is included in the 30 days challenge


Who am I?
Are you sure you want to know who I am?

OKlah. If you want to know who I am, click on the 'about me' button above. or read my previous '15 facts about me' post. or not. hoho.
or, or, you can ask my parents, my sisters, my brothers, my teachers, my friends to know more about me. They have spent their time with me, especially my family, so, they know me well enough, insya-Allah.
If you don't want to know things about me, that's better. ceh.

It reads as 'Aliya'. It's my name. Means; high.
This name is from our family's tree of names :)
Of course, I'm a human Allah created with lots of responsibilities towards Him, my parents, my family, my duties, the people in general, study, etcetera etcetera. So, I have responsibilities. You have responsibilities. Responsibilities, no matter how big or how small it is, will be counted during the judgement day. gulp. We are responsible of what we said. We are responsible of what we write. We are responsible of what we choose to see. We are responsible towards ourselves. Let us be responsible. Huhu.

felt burdened on the shoulder

Please pray for me that I'll be more responsible 'till I can be independent.
May we all have the strength to be more responsible. Amiin.

Remind me if I forgot, correct me if I did anything wrong. Please. Thank you :)

That's all. Salam.

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