Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 20; The meaning behind my blog name

This post is included in the 30 days challenge

Salam :)

For the time being, my blog is named "Aliya K's" as I really don't have any other ideas of what name to give to this bloggy.
Aliya K's, means that this blog belongs to Aliya K *duh, anyone would know that*.
and, Aliya K is my nickname.

as for my URL, i name it aliyakhair. It's my other nickname, Aliya Khair. Khair is the shortened version of Khairuddin, my dad's name which is also my last name.

 The meaning:
Aliya; high, sublime, lofty :)
Khair; good, best.

I hope I'll be as good as my name. Or this blog'll be as good as its name. Insya-Allah.


Here's some reminder of the day. hoho. tetibe.

can't remember where did I found this picture.
sorry to the owner for not putting credits.
but I hope you'll get a reward for each time anyone reading this, insya-Allah

That's all.

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