Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 14; A TV Show I'm currently addicted to.

This post is included in the 30 days challenge


Salam :)

So, the TV show i'm currently addicted to;


because I don't watch TV much these days. But I'm kind of loyal to the drama Jewel in The Palace which is now shown on the TV Al-Hijrah channel. Astro Channel 114. But I missed the drama yesterday. heh. I totally forgot about it. and I will miss it again today and the day after tomorrow too, insya-Allah as I'll be on UiTM for my MUET this becoming Wednesday T___T. ah, biarle.

p/s: I'll go to UiTM this morning, insya-Allah


By the way, I'm doing Day 14's challenge already, shows how time has passed since the time I accepted this challenge. Shows how some of days of my holiday have passed. It made me think; how do I spend my holiday so far? What benefits do I get during this period? What new experience do I get? What new knowledge have I gained? How much? Am I satisfied? Are my plans for this holiday turned real? and I can barely give positive answers for the questions.

*sigh. I am sighing to the fact that I'm not very productive so far, during this holiday.
Never mind. I'll try harder to be more productive. Insya-Allah.


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