Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where am I now?

Salam again.

This is my second post today.

Ikram Faruqi, my nephew

I am now sitting on a sofa, typing on my netbook keyboard, facing the standing fan, a TV about 3.5 metres ahead, thinking about my holiday, planning to have a great holiday, and still sitting, on a sofa, in a living room, in a house, in USJ. That's correct! I'm in my sister (Uswah)'s house!

I have just finished my MUET Speaking Test this morning. Alhamdulillah the test went well and smoothly, I guess. I think it's a lot better compared to the speaking test of my previous final exam -__-". Since one of my classmates always stressed that "confidence is the key" in our class' FB group, that sentence is stuck in my head until now. Yeah. and I wrote "Be confident!" at the top of a piece of paper the examiner gave me before writing any notes there.

Yes, I do believe that confidence is the key. (macam ayat dalam group discussion je. takpe, go on). When you are confident, even a simple idea can look great and bombastic and marvellous. Sometimes, it depends on your voice intonation. But still, at least, just try to find any interesting ideas. Relax, keep calm, recite zikr in your heart, read some doa before start, still be calm, be confident, and start. *why do I suddenly giving tips?

Some of my friends esp. my classmates are still haven't had their MUET Speaking Test yet. Most of them will have it tomorrow. Good luck, friends! Break a leg, break a tongue, break the record, etcetera etcetera. Remember, Allah is always with you guys :)

For a productive holiday, I've started reading 'The Quran and I', I've posted about the book previously. The book is quite interesting. and, I want to find more books, and I am aiming to go to the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale at Serdang! I want to go there sooooo badly! tapi kalau tak dapat, redha saja. I'm cool.
and, most of my friends do cooking/baking at their home, I feel kind of challenged. heh.
and, I am planning some activities for my batch's reunion, especially the girls. May Allah eases us.
and, I want to seek more knowledge during this holiday, especially the things I've once got at school before, but I hardly find them recently. paham-paham le.
and, I want to be more productive!

Dear friends who are enjoying their holidays, happy holiday! and let's have a productive holiday!
and dear all readers, be happy and let's learn to appreciate everything!
busyness is a nikmat too you know. because sometimes when you have nothing to do, you will be bored to death. kalau mati betul-betul, macam mati sia-sia je sebab tak buat apa-apa. yedoq? faham dok? never mind.

ok dah. I think I'm done.
Thanks and wassalam :)

#Random du'a :)


"اللهم اني اسالك رضاك والجنة واعوذ بك من سخطك والنار"

"O Allah! I beseech You grant me Your pleasure and Paradise, and I seek your protection from Your Wrath and Hell-Fire"

May Allah bless us


  1. aaaa comelnye ikram!!! (kat opis mood rindu anak)

  2. -__-" puji anak sniri. ceh.
    aya pun rindu ikram jugak! malam tadi mimpi budak tuh.. huhuhuh.