Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 15; Something I don't live the house without

This post is included in the 30 days challenge

Salam :)

Live? You mean, leave?
I don't leave the house without

my handphone.

But when I'm in a rajin-to-bring-lots-of-things mood, I'll bring my black and white garis2 kotak2 patterned sling bag. Inside, I put my wallet, lip ice, my Quran (sometimes), book/s I want to read/am reading (sometimes), a pen and some brooches.

But when I'm in a too-malas-to-hold-anything mood, I'll bring nothing, even my handphone. but I rarely left my handphone la sebab banyak kali orang kata "aliya ni ade henpon, buatla cara macam ada henpon." so, yeah. luckily I have that phone strap, I can just hang it on my neck. So I don't have to hold it. Thanks to whoever invented the phone strap!

But but, I'll never leave the house without my hijab :)

Semoga istiqamah. Insya-Allah. Ameen!

Thank you.
Wassalam :)