Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 26; A photo of somewhere I want to go

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Salam :)

On this earth, besides the cities where Islam's honourable mosques are located, there are still other places I really want to go. Lots of them, actually as I really love to travel, only that I don't really have the budget to go there at the moment ;p. So, these three are on the top of my list.

The City Palace of Al-Hambra at Granada, Spain

Istanbul, Turkey

For both places, Granada and Istanbul, I really really really want to go there because of the architecture of the buildings there. They are beautiful, unique and shows how the Islamic empire has once been very great. and another attraction is their history. Hm. I guess I'm attracted to the places where the Islamic empire has once conquered. The Granada has once conquered by the Umayyah and Abbasiyyah empire, and the Istanbul was conquered by the Uthmaniyyah (Ottoman) empire. Yeah, I like to visit historical places a lot. That's why I like going to the museums.

Oxford, England

I remember Mama told me about her trip to Oxford. She said that she really likes the environment there. So peaceful, less car, very country-side like, classic. It's from Mama's story that I began to like this place. The architecture is cool too. Mama said that going there, you'll feel like you are in the 18th century. It's like its city structure from the 18th century is preserved till today. I like it.
and I really want to go to it's university. Yup, University of Oxford. Just a visit there will do.

By the way, all the photos are sourced from wikipedia. eheh.

That's all. Salam.

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