Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 4; Favourite Photograph of Best Friend

This post is included in the 30 days challenge


May I add an 's' after the word best friend? hoho. Because I've plenty of them and I'm rambang mata to choose which of them and which photograph.

But I like these best :)

Look at all the happy faces :)

cool huh? ;)

Both were taken during our batch (the 12th Generation of SMIHJB)'s rehlah early this year. April 2011.
At Tanjung Sedili. We sure had fun that time. Ah, I miss those time :))

Yes, all of them are my best friends, best buddies, best peers.
I know most of them since primary school and we were becoming closer during middle and high school.
We have shared lots of tears and laughter together. They are the best. They are irreplaceable.
Uhibbukunna fillah.

May Allah bless us and our friendship, 'till we reach His heaven, insya-Allah.
How I miss the school days. with them.

Takpe. Life goes on no matter what.

That's all for now :)