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Day 18; 5 things that irritate me about opposite/same sex

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Nobody's perfect, I know. We have to accept others just the way they are. But still, as a human too, I still have some things that I can hardly accept about people. People's act, to be exact. Things that reallly irritate me.

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1. Gedik over-dose. I dislike both girls/boys who are gedik. Well, I can still accept if you have a little dose of gedik inside you, because every human has their own gedik side. But if you revealed too much of your gedik-ness, or act gedik exceedingly, errr.......

2. Saying harsh words / mencarut. No matter what gender is the doer, I still dislike the act of saying harsh words / mencarut. Somehow, I cannot accept this sentence, "Kau tu perempuan, jaga lah sikit bahasa tu. Aku lelaki, takpela jugak nak mencarut." No! You're a male, a female, still, mencarut is not good, okay.
Daripada Abu Hurairah ra, Nabi saw bersabda yang bermaksud: "Mencarut adalah sejenis sikap kasar. Manakala sikap kasar balasannya ialah neraka."
(Riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)
Some people uses the excuse of, "I'm sorry, I was just too mad, I cannot do anything except mencarut". Well, actually, there are still some things you can do :)

  • Be quiet and patient
  • Istighfar
  • Take wudhu'
  • Sit
  • Get some rest
  • Express your feeling through some scribble, doodle, writing, talking, crying, running, punching your plushies, yelling at a wide space (in the middle of the field or on top of a hill, with no one around), etc2..
  • Istighfar again.

of course you will take some time to practice this, but, just try to lessen the act of saying harsh things. Insya-Allah, you can.

3. Talk bad things about someone, esp about people I know. Open someone's aib. I usually see/hear girls do this *duh, I'm closer to girls*. Well, I don't care if someone say it with the intention to try to change the person's bad deed, to think of a solution to it. But if someone or a group of people say it without any good intention, just to maki-maki or just for their own satisfaction, I can hardly accept it. and the thing I cannot accept the most is someone saying bad things about their own friend behind her/his back, and that friend happens to be my friend too. What a hypocrite. When this happen, usually, the person who did this will lose my trust, little by little, but I will still talk to her/him though. Wait, does that make me a hypocrite too? err.. *gulp* *guilty*

4. Garang people. Although sometimes I'm garang too ;p. Oh, and I also dislike guys with big voices when they are yelling or being garang. It's just too scary. Like the storm. uhuhu..

5. People who knows that someone is easily moved and sensitive, yet still tease that someone. Usually guys, towards girls. I can't stand looking my friend crying often. Come on guys, please be considerate. She got her own problem already and now you hurt her more. You guys better apologize. Maybe you think, "come on, it's just a teasing. I was just joking." But, no. Some girls are more sensitive than you think. So, think before you act!

Har har. This post is a bit emo. Writing things that irritate me really makes me feel irritated to those things. So, usually, when I'm irritated, I'll give an annoyed look or a death glaring stares. or maybe I'll just talk to that person right away that what she/he's doing isn't good. But sometimes, I give zero expression and just keep quiet about it. Hating with the heart. (Selemah-lemah iman? oyr. Astaghfirullah). Better improve it, okay. For those who don't get my last four sentences above, refer this [hadith on amar ma'ruf nahi munkar] and relate. It's kind of related somehow. hoho.

Alright, that's all for now.

Salam :)

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