Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 9; A photo of the last item I purchased

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So, this is the last item I purchased. It was last week, though. Last Tuesday, to be exact.
I purchased it at Popular at Wangsa Walk, KL, when I was jalan-jalan with Abah and Uswah before Abah and I went back to JB.

taken using my Acer Crystal Eye Webcam
The Quran and I
by Anas Zubedy

I have read this book's synopsis on some magazine's section of 'Suggested Books' and I think it's interesting. So, I have been searching for this book for quiet a while and alhamdulillah I finally found it! :) Thanks to abah for providing the money to buy this book. Ho ho ho ~

About this book. Well, honestly, I haven't started reading this yet, hoho, because I've just finished another book. I'm planning to start reading this book though. But not tonight kot as I got some packing to do. So, I'm providing the synopsis here, for anyone who are reading this to read.

A collection of short memoirs, reflections and childhood memories, The Quran and I depicts how the Quran inspires one man on a day –to-day basis, starting from lessons learned from his grandfather till the time he launched his first career and beyond. Honest touching, hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time, the stories are uniquely Malaysian, at once personal and universal, told with hope and love.

Interested? Go get this book! :D
oh, I purchased this book with the price RM36.40

I hope after reading this book, I will be more inspired to explore the Quran and the meaning behind each words and ayaat of it. So that my heart will be closer to Him. and I hope the same thing or better thing will happen to other readers of this book too. Amiin.


By the way, I will be away for about 3 days starting tomorrow. Insya-Allah, for the next three days' challenges (day 10, 11 and 12), I'll do it before I go and they will be scheduled. I hope I can finish them, hoho. Kalau anda tengok the next three days takda post, maksudnya aku tak sempat siapkan lah tu ;p. ceh, aku tulis gini bajet ada orang follow-up lah kan blog ni. takpelah. aku tau memang ada.

Insya-Allah, some of my seniors and I will be the facilitator for standard 6 students of SK Pearl Hill's camping. The camping will be held for three days and two nights, at Kem Kaizen. How I miss camping. So, dear reader(s), if you read this, please pray for us and wish us some good luck :) heeee thanks!