Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 17; How I hope my future will be like

This post is included in the 30 days challenge


Salam :)

credits to ru0905's flickr, the photographer of Danbo the Box Man

In the future, if Allah still gives me the chance to live, I hope I'll be.......

a caring teacher
an Islamic book author / script writer :)
a housewife ;p
a daie always
a happy muslimah
a successful person
a good example to anyone who's younger than me, esp. my younger sisters.
someone who's rich with good deeds and contributions towards the ummah

but, for the time being, I just want to

"Study till I get rich! ; in this world and in the hereafter ;)"
- the whiteboard in my room at Tun Hasan -

Eheh. Insya-Allah.

May Allah bless.

That's all.